mayneamands00: I need to know where to get this dress, so i can buy it for a wedding coming up in about a month! I've seen it on Facebook and Tumblr but none of the websites are original! Thanks!
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mayneamands00: I need to know where to get this dress, so i can buy it for a wedding coming up in about a month! I've seen it on Facebook and Tumblr but none of the websites are original! Thanks!

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cheap custom dress for you
54 months ago
Not exactly the same but VERY similar. Hope it helps!
76 months ago
64 months ago
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chelssss 58 months ago
67 months ago
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tardis_and_ponds11 58 months ago
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avatar imageelisendadomenjo 47 months ago


avatar imageelisendadomenjo 47 months ago

love the color to it

avatar imagepcgregory37 49 months ago


avatar image20bk1 50 months ago

You can find this dress at tally weijl

avatar imageelissabader 54 months ago


avatar imagealisagonzo77 55 months ago


avatar imagelin20 55 months ago

i live in the us and i bought this dress i bought it in the size i would normally get but it was a little short i suggest u buy a size larger

avatar imageteague_mya 57 months ago


avatar imageselinakk 58 months ago

Bought this exact one off showpony.com
Also try Xenia.com xx

avatar imagekekaaa 58 months ago

etsy :)

avatar imagesimsalabim12 58 months ago


avatar imageabambi 58 months ago

maybe "tidestore" :)

avatar imagerehanerolland 61 months ago

follow me on instagram : tathosyan :)

avatar imageems_123 61 months ago


avatar imagesoul-by-choice 68 months ago


avatar imageallymcfarlane 70 months ago


avatar imagekebaili.ines 70 months ago


avatar imageamandarr 48 months ago


avatar imageamandarr 48 months ago

I bought this it's really worth it!

avatar imagemya.teague 49 months ago


avatar imagexxcolourringxx 50 months ago

Got this exact dress from Chiffon Boutique nz :)

avatar imageXxLivvyxX 51 months ago

in wish aplication or wish.com :)

avatar imagekasia19.06 51 months ago

how do i get this dress i clicked the link and nothing happend???

avatar imageselena.p.ramirez 53 months ago


avatar imagekaelye 62 months ago

Where can I get this?

avatar imageneenee.vuthy 64 months ago

U.S. trendy has this dress

avatar imagemer170105 48 months ago


avatar imageadrinne.esteva 57 months ago


avatar imagehtrn253 58 months ago


avatar imageJkayyy 59 months ago

Saboskirt has a dress just like that

avatar imageKellieee 60 months ago

At ustrendy.com

avatar imageOmqitsJulia 62 months ago

http://www.xenia.com.au/user/712232513/web/fashion-products.asp?Category=780&Catname=DRESSES , i know for sure it's been there before!

avatar imageidaevelina 69 months ago

find it here :) http://wheretoget.it/link/77440/open? exact one!

avatar imagecaroline.sohn1 70 months ago


avatar imagehope.a.poynter 57 months ago


avatar imagekatelyn_lunar 59 months ago

Don't! It's not worth it. [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/eg946.jpg[/IMG]

avatar imageNikki_jayy 72 months ago

city beach

avatar imageunteened 57 months ago


avatar imageexquisitivelove 64 months ago

They have this one or a very similar one at ustrendy.com for not to much money

avatar imageOmqitsJulia 60 months ago

I love this dress! it simple but beautiful and unique<3 i want to dress this in prom.

avatar imagedjbrenna 61 months ago
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