bieberhole69 and 414 more want to know where to get these shoes
oversized sweater white sweater combat boots ralph lauren sweater raulph lauren ankle boots
bieberhole69 and 414 more want to know where to get these shoes

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65 months ago
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This is a similar one by the same brand (Polo Ralph Lauren)
65 months ago
Judging by the picture I can see a seam before the toe and it looks like these. I own these boots as well so I know them inside and out. Very comfortable, true to size. Probably can get on Ebay a lot cheaper than $100.
67 months ago
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@Anchor555 Can you please tell me the name/brand of your boots? If possible, thanks :)

lifeisabeach 67 months ago
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Thank you! xx I've been looking for these kind of boots for AGES! You are awesome!! ;)

lifeisabeach 67 months ago
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Not mentioned
men's apparel though and it's sold out
63 months ago
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it's sold out on diffusiononline.co.uk too

anonymous 63 months ago
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It's from Ralph Lauren and I think it's for men as I've been looking everywhere for an oversized one and it looks really similar to the one my dad has... :)

avatar imagePuck 49 months ago

It's from Brandy Melville :)

avatar imageVivaciteit 49 months ago


avatar imagexchristinenguyenx 53 months ago

I have them but they zipper is in the back. I got it from target for like 20 to 30 bucks.

avatar imagenorthbynorth 62 months ago

thank you for your time to post the tips ?????????????>?

avatar imagenorthbynorth 63 months ago

charlotte russe

avatar imageraytilly101 63 months ago

Ralph loran

avatar image.emiily. 54 months ago

where can I get this sweater??

avatar imageall-day-i-dream-about-sport 55 months ago

They are from dotti

avatar imagexoxoGBxoxo 57 months ago

ebay has quit a few of these mens sweaters

avatar imageTomatsi 59 months ago

Ralph Lauren

avatar imageSabrinaH 63 months ago


avatar imagetkantola 63 months ago


avatar imagePretty_Lex 57 months ago

saw the boots on amazon!

avatar imageelephunkfreek766 63 months ago

It's Ralph Lauren so it will be on the Ralph Lauren site in the sweater section!

avatar imagekola 65 months ago

I got mine at Pac Sun!

avatar imageanniemikolajski 71 months ago

This sweater is for mens:

avatar imagebernicesmile 67 months ago
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