leona.kandrac and 910 more want to know where to get this shirt
leona.kandrac and 910 more want to know where to get this shirt

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Thank you <3

yasminlwilliams 57 months ago
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rosav831 57 months ago
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Can't order from a foreign country and mine does not sell it :( Anywhere else, like on eBay...?

Wolfbynature 57 months ago
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guys, this is a bra. please don't wear it on the beach, it's underwear.

f427 57 months ago
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i mean the one from h&m

f427 57 months ago
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I would say you could wear this on a beach, but be careful in the water!! Bikinis are virtually underwear, what's the difference??

bella_bartlett2 57 months ago
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People where those bustiers outside all the time so why couldnt you wear it to the beach.

KayWilz2012 56 months ago
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I got one and it's like the best bra ever srsly

Pizzaprinses 56 months ago
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pordea1 50 months ago
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H&M Bustier
This is the USA link for anybody asking.
57 months ago
You can find the same shirt/bra (whatever you want) but with a different pattern. It's a French link but I think that it is available in other countries. I hope so ! =)
48 months ago
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avatar imagemarie2304 53 months ago

H & M last summer

avatar imagecatia.mateus.54 56 months ago

Similar style New Look Kelly Brook Collection. Xx

avatar imagecece17 56 months ago

its a bra from H+M

avatar imageanonymous 57 months ago

This is a floral lace balconette bra (not swimwear) from H&M, but I'm afraid they don't sell it anymore... I'm not 100% sure, but it doesn't seem to be on their website in all the countries I've checked.
Perhaps you might be able to find it elsewhere? :)

avatar imageMissDerpySheep 45 months ago

I think it was from H&M :)

avatar imageCacarina 53 months ago

it's from H&M

avatar imageannakue 57 months ago


avatar imageMaudhinoul 57 months ago

H&M :D

avatar imageanonymous 57 months ago

This isnt a bikini its a bra you can buy it in H&M

avatar imagePollito-Rojo 56 months ago

It's a bra and h&m sold it last year:) got them from there

avatar imageShoppingGirl 46 months ago

Hey babe im pretty sure you can find the top at either victoria secret, melrose ave or supre. if theyre not exact theyre very similar xx

avatar imageLailaa_ 46 months ago

It's from H&M last spring. i have the exact one in 34B that I am selling, if anyone is interested. Comes with removeable straps

avatar imagessdemeo 57 months ago

I have that bra! It's from H&M :)

avatar imageCecilieBrown14 57 months ago
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