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64 months ago
La Femme
Exact Dress in Seafoam
56 months ago
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  • jeans
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This is Sherri hill it's 2 or 3 seasons ago from their spring collection hope that helps

avatar imagebrianabananaaa


avatar imageOuarda

y'all out fits are pretty

avatar imagedeerobinson728


avatar imageBaby_Tyra

lafemme dress

avatar imageOuarda

love this dress

avatar imageEda110

yes, this dress

avatar imageLilySoz

avatar imageLilySoz

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

"Image" stores

avatar imageelissabader

avatar imageIzzy.davis

You can get it on

avatar imageJulie_Grn


avatar imageHalf_Moon_Kid

Just scroll down xx

avatar imageJessburrows5

I'm selling this dress for 300! Size 8

avatar imagerose.conteh.9

la femme prom dress

avatar imageOuarda

There are simalar ones on that aren't too expensive

avatar imageelle2_


avatar imageOuarda

You can get it from

avatar imagegabriela.a

avatar imagejaaasmiiinnn

Neves to help me find a dress for my prom I want something similar I that one I just want it to be long and glitter or mirrored

avatar imagekiara.cordero

Much cheaper on Ebay :)

avatar imagejaaasmiiinnn

You can find it on Ebay much cheaper :)

avatar imagejaaasmiiinnn

avatar imageFashionIdeaKilla

please find this dress for me

avatar imagemiah_woods

you can choose any colour you want!

avatar imageFrkOien

I have seen it a while ago: :)

avatar imageEdonaa

avatar imagelydiagainey

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

you looked gorgeous :)

avatar imagemsdarciesimmons $149

avatar imagenatasharuthhare

La femme

avatar imageloramoore7

avatar imagesonya1790

posted this picture on my page when I went to prom

avatar imagemiaantrel

avatar imagebrandellax

What exact color is the one in the picture?

avatar imagedabotch22

I want it too look 100% the same from a trustworthy website, which one?!

avatar imagekristen_rmz

avatar imagesanchezgabby15

can someone post a link to the cheapest one on ebay of this dress?

avatar imagezoeyv101

Do you know of any store that sells this dress?

avatar imagebroookekeke

How well does it fit? you look around my sze and this is the dress i wanted im just worried ill get the wrong size.

avatar imagevictoriamadrid they've got it customized+ free shipping worldwide :)

avatar imageevacangarova

$160 from

avatar imagezihou.zihou

It looks like a Sherri Hill Dress.

avatar imageelleoellee

La Femme 18602

avatar imageLETHAL

Aliexpress!! (: have it from there in pink & it's awesome *__*

avatar imageanina_25

On, there is the exact same dress in more than 10 colors for just 159$ :)

avatar imageFlawless-Wallis

Found it for 299$ on Ebay =

avatar imageeser

You can get it on eBay

avatar imageEdenbobeden has this for 109$ comes with free jewelry if you get 2 more dresses with it!(:

avatar imageZahraSarwari

They have everything!!! :)

avatar imageborn-to-be-unforgetable

avatar imagemiaantrel exact, but a lot cheaper

avatar imageilouises
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