sneakers_and_couture: my sister want to have this dress, can someone tell me where to buy this dress. would be so nice
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sneakers_and_couture: my sister want to have this dress, can someone tell me where to buy this dress. would be so nice

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Quite different but is fairly similar :)
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shower to much back

avatar imageyw1030 48 months ago

I love it Where Can I Find This Dress!?

avatar imageValerieMarieSandoval 50 months ago


avatar imagemia25 53 months ago


avatar imageDress Up Pretty 54 months ago


avatar imageDress Up Pretty 54 months ago

As anyone actually bought this dress before of any of these websites?

avatar imagejordiefulton 58 months ago


avatar imagegabby_a_ 58 months ago


avatar imageJennyN 58 months ago

Check out www.asecretdoseoffashion.blogspot.com prom dress designs coming soon

avatar imagedniellara 61 months ago


avatar imageraivyn.gonzales.71 61 months ago

Belt looks like 'sass & bide' Australian designer

avatar imageFiionaa 62 months ago

were cna u get it in americs

avatar imagekimberly.mejorada.75 66 months ago

elliot claire london

avatar imageEllieZayee 66 months ago

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get this picture from?

avatar imageiloveclothesyo 70 months ago

hey, check here:http://www.27dress.com/product-95337-Vestidos+Formales+2014+Prom+Dress+Navy+Blue+Chiffon+Sweetheart+Tulle+Evening+Dress+with+Gold+Belt+BO2533.html
its$167, I was saving monwy for it.~ :)

avatar imageSky1013 61 months ago

Does anyone know where I can get this dress from?

avatar imagejasminekuuumar 69 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 53 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 53 months ago

I think we can make this dress

avatar imageAnn.c 58 months ago

This is custom made by dina barcelos from brazil, she has instagram and you can also email her on dina@dinabarcelos.com.br she makes a lot of custom dresses, ALL of them beautiful!

avatar imagemaz 69 months ago
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