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That link was to the pink ones but here is the one to a pastel blue version of them http://www.drmartens.com/us/Women%252527s-Boots-%252526-Shoes/pascal/p/20102455 they were sold out of the other colors but if you would like to search for some yourself then they were called Pascal Virginia.
37 months ago
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Hi all! I'm selling the mint Doc's on Poshmark. Brand new with tags; US 8/UK 6 https://www.poshmark.com/listings/57cafb1d5c12f8a79700dc1f

avatar imagelaurensanka 29 months ago

drmartens.com or journeys.com

avatar imagecheyenne.puig 58 months ago

Try a Dr Marten outlet and they're cheaper!

avatar imagemeganfriend 63 months ago

These are Dr Marten boots but I think they've either been discontinued or are just entirely out of stock. They might restock during the summer so you're best to keep checking there.

avatar imageshantelle.keech 46 months ago

Pastel Doc Martens. Go to a store. Can't find it online.

avatar imageCamilaKilla 52 months ago

I got similar one´s for my birthday! they were from forever 21 and the material was different yet pretty :)

avatar imagealessandra.angulo 52 months ago
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