Anna16: Where can I get these high wasted jeans? I've been looking for them for a long time. Thank youu
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Anna16: Where can I get these high wasted jeans? I've been looking for them for a long time. Thank youu

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Thank you ;)

Zooooe 58 months ago
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Not available anymore !

Silveriot 57 months ago
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American Apparel
Those are the riding pants from American Apparel!!
71 months ago
American Apparel
The colour is pink cheeks. Hope this helps:)
60 months ago
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Thanks!!! :)

staceyhall2797 60 months ago
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American appeal

avatar imagelatoya_long 47 months ago

Tommy Hilfiger has something similar

avatar imagemailabrianna 52 months ago

American apperal comes in alot of colors

avatar imageJanaylawson00 56 months ago

The pants are from AmericanApparel.com

avatar imagevictoria.peralta.9 57 months ago

I got mine from topshop on sale from £40 to £10

avatar imageAnnabel 60 months ago

I got mine last summer from Aeropostale :)x

avatar imageyasminae 60 months ago

American apparel riding jean

avatar imageTiffCo94 62 months ago

Shes on instagram shes called heyitsannabanana

avatar imageemilyhendo 67 months ago

where to get the pants and the shoes?

avatar imagecindyerica.augustin 69 months ago

They have those exact ones at american apparel :)

avatar imagemcasola 70 months ago

Wet Seal had a couple of cross neckalace

avatar imagehaileyyyy 57 months ago

I got mine from Aeropostale last summer :)x

avatar imageyasminae 60 months ago

the pants ate from American apparel

avatar imagepaisleydollas 60 months ago


avatar imageTLatoya 62 months ago

American Apparel

avatar imagebreee_nation@yahoo.com 62 months ago

And the instagram blogger is http://instagram.com/heyitsannabanana :)

avatar imageJulimoo 67 months ago

The exact is from american apparel but i don't know if it's sold out or not, just check out ;)

avatar imageJulimoo 67 months ago

shopstyle.com american apparel riding pants

avatar imageMADZ29 59 months ago

American apparel !

avatar imageemily.reinhardt.90 61 months ago


avatar imagejessicatrani 61 months ago

Somewhere like Forever 21 or American Eagle or even Urban Outfitters!

avatar imageBrazil_Angel 71 months ago

You can get the bustier shirt at Forever 21! and the shoes at American Eagle!

avatar imageBrazil_Angel 71 months ago

They are from american appearl called the riding pants

avatar imagetinogore 54 months ago

american apparel

avatar imagepickledamsel 50 months ago
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