Mad: Where can I find this dress?
Mad: Where can I find this dress?

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Haute & Rebellious
Similar from http://www.hauteandrebellious.com/collections/dresses/products/bendal-draped-halter-maxi-dress
54 months ago
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Its sold out !

riri17 53 months ago
Not mentioned
price is on enquiry! amazing dresses by this designer!
54 months ago
Not mentioned
I keep seeing berta bridal dresses on here!:) they're beautiful, but yeah this is from berta bridals winter 2014 collection
55 months ago
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It's a berta bridal dress

shay1281 54 months ago
Berta Bridal
Start Saving ladies. It's a costly one.
42 months ago
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caris closet or galihav I think I seen itt

avatar imagelaurynn.mccormack 45 months ago


avatar imagebowdownbitchass 50 months ago

Has anyone roses this dress ?

avatar imageAmez078 51 months ago

Please help any one know where I can get this

avatar imageMurray 54 months ago

if anyone can find this please lmk!!!

avatar imageFrancescaB 54 months ago

It's a Rachel Gilbert gown I think it was last season though

avatar imagerebekahhogan951 55 months ago

Berta Bridal

avatar imageMarleau_xo 52 months ago

I know this is from Berta and is a wedding dress but would love a similar dress for my birthday in this style any suggestions ? X

avatar imagemichaela_14 54 months ago

lord & Taylor has this in NYC I tried it on last week .. sorry I have no link

avatar imagenmontanez1220 54 months ago

Does anyone have a link to this dress? I am in love!

avatar imagesarah23michelle 55 months ago

This is a Berta Bridal dress x

avatar imageoliviadavidson10 55 months ago

where can I find this

avatar imageshellybug10 55 months ago

Email info@pickmepretty.com they can make any dres and they ship world wide. They custom make to fit your body!

avatar imagecarla.maria.3766 56 months ago

This is a Berta bridal dress

avatar imagekimstevens 54 months ago

This is a Berta Bridal dress x

avatar imageoliviadavidson10 55 months ago

Anyone know a dress with similar shape/style?? It doesn't have to be this dress, just want something similar!!

avatar imageLaurawr 55 months ago

Berta bridal :)

avatar imageBethia 56 months ago
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