Bridget98: i love this style high low dress! find one like that
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Bridget98: i love this style high low dress! find one like that

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72 months ago
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ooh!! yaya thanks so much

Bridget98 72 months ago
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Omg jeah thank you! xoxo

flor.schreurs 59 months ago
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Thank you so much xxx

SkaterPrincess 59 months ago
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looks like it might be sold out, but you may be able to find it elsewhere :)
70 months ago
62 months ago
Not mentioned
May you like this one ;-)
63 months ago
59 months ago
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Je l'ai offert

avatar imagemissRo 62 months ago

The original ekaterina normalnaya is wearing is made by the label love. Its sold out, but somertimes there is one on ebay. I bought mine also there. Just search for "love dress asymmetric (or hilo / high low)"

avatar imagefibo 63 months ago

facebook: rebelle fleur by effe creation

avatar imageeffecreation 60 months ago

it's from asos

avatar imageagreen 69 months ago


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