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Paolo Sebastian
Beautiful! nearlynewlywed.com notes they are the exclusive retailer for this designer in the U.S.
63 months ago
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But do u have any idea about where to get outside U.S ?

noorfayik7 48 months ago
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Look for more gowns&wedding dresses at www.celebredcarpetdresses.com

avatar imageCelebRedCarpetDresses 27 months ago

Look for more dresses under $200 at www.celebredcarpetdresses.com

avatar imageCelebRedCarpetDresses 30 months ago


avatar imagehuahau 30 months ago

This bride had got it http://www.misaislestyle.com/a-line-illusion-neck-cap-sleeves-lace-wedding-dress.html

avatar imagemisaislestylecom 39 months ago

$ 279. Custom made. Any color. Design your own dress at www.lanacustom.

avatar imagehubhe 41 months ago

$ 279. Custom made. Any color. Design your own dress at www.lanacustom

avatar imagehubhe 41 months ago

$ 279. Custom made. Any color. Design your own dress at www.lanacustom,

avatar imagehubhe 41 months ago

$ 279. Custom made. Any color. Design your own dress at www.lanacustom,

avatar imagehubhe 41 months ago

It's by Poalo Sebastian and it's a little over 1,000$ I think either that or aliexexpress.com for $189

avatar imageAngelVale 41 months ago


avatar imagedonnellyerinb 48 months ago

its from elie saab

avatar imagetiffanyy5286 49 months ago

Omg the dress, the shoes, the model everything this is so beautiful

avatar imagejulia_gutlich 58 months ago

Hi, I think we can make this dress!

avatar imageAnn.c 58 months ago

Eli Saab

avatar imageLoubiesaddict 46 months ago

I've come across this many times on eBay :)

avatar imagelarkinelizabeth 55 months ago



avatar imageAnliztaylor 57 months ago

Ellie Saab

avatar imagebara.rudova 57 months ago

the designer is Paolo sebastian

avatar imageimaniscook 58 months ago

Check out boubou.com for a similar one and cheaper!

avatar imageZahraSarwari 60 months ago

Elie Saab is the designer.

avatar imageHowToBeAFuckinLady 63 months ago

Paolo Sebastian

avatar imagekellygracemcnamee 65 months ago

It's an Ellie Saab dress

avatar imagenicolewilliams 59 months ago

It's from Paolo Sebastion, but I don't know if you can order it.. http://paolosebastian.com/ (2013-13 SS Couture)

avatar imageanonymous 68 months ago

I'm not positive, but it looks like an Elie Saab dress to me :)

avatar imagehappykenzi 65 months ago

I know it's by Paulo Sebastian. Hope that helps! If you google "Sebastian wedding dress" and then click images you'll see it.

avatar imagekaylabrooket 55 months ago


avatar imageMeg_Marlone 55 months ago

The dress looks similar to the Jenny Packham (in yellow) it was showed on Gossip Girl in the later seasons..worn by Serena.

avatar imagenataliaxxpostachio 60 months ago

By Paolo Sebastian

avatar imagepotterhead 66 months ago

this is actual dress is a paolo sebastian dress but they are very expensive and you have to contact him personally to enquire x

avatar imageliquidy0uth 64 months ago

What ever you do do not buy this dress from DHgate. I bought it for my formal. Paid $200 for it and it was nothing like the photo what so ever and they wouldn't refund me the money. It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I would show you a photo if i could. Just don't want you to end up like me...

avatar imageindirose 53 months ago

The dress is by Paolo Sebastian.

avatar imagexephael 68 months ago
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