Brookemichellec and 2172 more want to know where to get this blouse
lace shorts ripped shorts distressed denim shorts denim shorts white top chiffon summer outfits beach summer pendant light blue crop tops spaghetti strap top blouse pants white shorts tank top white lace shorts blue low waist jewels shirt beach boho bohemian hippie indie country lace high waisted denim shorts beach white crop tops bandeu top cute beige t-shirt mini shorts t-shirt laces top chiffon top strapless top chiffon vest halter top white top white summer skirt short flowers flowers short white crop tops jeans lace up style summer shorts short shorts cut off shorts cute top crops necklace black crop top cream flouncy flounce chiffon tank halter neck halter top
Brookemichellec and 2172 more want to know where to get this blouse

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thank you xx

Tettewa 62 months ago
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You're welcome~! ;] x

arys 62 months ago
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avatar imagelovaru111 36 months ago

It's my birthday today and this would be the best present ever @sarah_lovesfashion

avatar imageSarah_lovesfashion 45 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 48 months ago


avatar imageSéphoraTaieb 58 months ago

berskha tops

avatar imagelara1711 59 months ago

I saw similar ones at tally weijl :)

avatar imageanonymous 59 months ago

Also at New Yorker

avatar imagejuliexxox 59 months ago

Forever 21

avatar imagejuliexxox 59 months ago

From New Yorker

avatar imagejuliexxox 59 months ago

Top is from garage and shorts can be gotten at target

avatar imageCTamberg1 59 months ago

Old saboskirt collection..

avatar imageevaburg 60 months ago

Love this ❤️

avatar image8Beyoutiful8 61 months ago


avatar imagebree_jade 61 months ago

the shorts are from Charlotte Russe

avatar imagepromyss.watley 61 months ago


avatar imageBlue-Note 61 months ago

personally like this camisole very much.But here is winter. Will definitely buy one this summer.

avatar imagehappy camper 51 months ago

I bought a crop tank like this from papay.com it was around $15 or less but mine also has gold chain laced through the straps. Super cute!

avatar imagechelsea.kuhn 60 months ago

New Look £14.99

avatar imagePrincessLeah 61 months ago

Shorts= target!

avatar imageAhloniD. 61 months ago

"Haute Hippie Lace Front Denim Shorts." You can get them at saksoff5th.com for $91.99 !! :)

avatar imagelogan_gabrielle_ 61 months ago

Saw a similar pair at Rue21 for 30$ or less

avatar imagesumayya 61 months ago


avatar imageamandarr 51 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 60 months ago

The top is also from saboskirt.com

avatar imagenesta_roots 61 months ago

Those shorts are from Saboskirt.com

avatar imagenesta_roots 61 months ago

This is from saboskirt.com the top is sold out but, they still have the shorts.

avatar imageMisslilFashonista 62 months ago

They're sabo skirt I'm pretty sure!

avatar imagesydsmith 62 months ago


avatar imagejordannn 62 months ago

The outfit is from saboskirt.com

avatar imagelejlaceric 63 months ago

I got it from New Yorker.

avatar imagelukemybaby 59 months ago

Hi guys I'm selling this shorts :)

avatar imagevroni.sternchen 61 months ago

The shorts and top are at saboskirt.com :)

avatar imageK-R-I-S-T-Y 61 months ago

You can buy the same shorts from www.hunteddreams.com

avatar imageViptanny 62 months ago

Here! http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-supply-co-junior-s-lace-front-denim-short/-/A-15032280?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=%7C15017777&CPNG=Women&kpid=15017777&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=15017777&gclid=CNagxb-147wCFYlafgodgTQAWw

avatar imagestylishsmartie 62 months ago


avatar imageamy1001 61 months ago

I think tally weijl has it too right now :)

avatar imagemichaela__ 61 months ago

You can find it at Zara

avatar imageNour 61 months ago

It's from Saboskirt.com

avatar imagewilma.goran 63 months ago

Ahora esta en la HOLLISTER, lo que no me acuerdo del precio, si lo encuentro os lo digo❤️

avatar imageSrta.Rib 61 months ago

You can get the shirt in highlighted pink at WetSeal. I got mine there a week ago for $20 or less I think.

avatar imagecrystalcasillas94 62 months ago

The top is from New Look, it's gorgeous

avatar imagecharlotte.noorloos 61 months ago

by new look you can see this blouse

avatar imagearisu 62 months ago

you can buy shorts like this on www.love-shorts.com

avatar imageEwe 63 months ago

You can also get it at zara!

avatar image109 62 months ago


avatar imagealimat 63 months ago

It's from saboskirt.com

avatar imagelejlaceric 63 months ago
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