danielledavids_ and 2852 more want to know where to get this sweater
danielledavids_ and 2852 more want to know where to get this sweater

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Nice Costume gadecosmetics.se

avatar imagejohnag 25 months ago

The skirt you can find at forever 21

avatar imageYamilet_beauty 44 months ago


avatar imageRachelPaterson7 46 months ago


avatar imagemikaylakerba 58 months ago

Where can you get the skirt

avatar imageAnnaDyrehauge 59 months ago

Where can I find this bag ?

avatar imagerileeykohl 59 months ago

I love that ?

avatar imagecworkman34 34 months ago

Forever 21 has cropped sweaters.

avatar imageromeow 47 months ago

Anyone got a tip for the leggings?

avatar imagelbdnthighhigh 47 months ago

Pool & Bear 39.99

avatar imageClaire0109 48 months ago

I love how you paired the sweater with the that bag it tied the whole outfit together

avatar imageAlly_Slimz 49 months ago

I bought one in forever 21 the price was 6 dollars so i thinks it's cheap I hope I could help you

avatar imagemaricruzgarcia 50 months ago

Occasionally they sell them at wetseal or american eagle in burgundy color

avatar imageJasmineec99 51 months ago

Etsy or Asos

avatar imageRebel 58 months ago

Red Lime Sunday

avatar imagecalgal 44 months ago

Red Lime Sunday

avatar imagecalgal 44 months ago


avatar imagexRianne22 49 months ago


avatar imageflorry 51 months ago

Where can i get the sweater and the skirt ??

avatar imagesweetchichi159 58 months ago

You can get a similar sweater from h&m :)

avatar imageDisney_princesses 47 months ago

http://lookbook.nu/look/5680862-33f-Burgundy-Crop-Top-Romwe-Black-Circle-Skirt everything here

avatar imagelexxnie 50 months ago

Check @hapatime on Instagram and her blog she usually posts where her outfits are from that is her in the picture!

avatar imagemary.sala 58 months ago
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