meganmariee33: Please help me find this dress. I'm in love.
meganmariee33: Please help me find this dress. I'm in love.

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Polly Couture
Grab it from here. Amazing quality and such a good price. x
53 months ago
Oh Polly
Best Price & Quality!
Oh Polly
40 months ago
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I have this dress. I bought it from Aliexpress, but I paid $100 for it. The cheaper ones were not good quality

avatar imageerinjones 45 months ago

Missepm00 where can i find this dress i want it for my bday!

avatar imagefrnkiki123 56 months ago

aliexpress.com $16.99
White flower lace sleeveless mini dress women fashion party dress

avatar imagemelissa.r.f 47 months ago

You can buy it in Palaceofchic.com!

avatar imageMiriamm 49 months ago

From David Jones Spring Summer 2011 Collection

avatar imagehello_laeti 59 months ago

Alex Perry for David Jones Spring/Summer 2011 collection

avatar imageAndreaBardon 60 months ago

this is an alex perry dress - from 2011 collection i think. i dont think its available anywhere :(

avatar imageanonymous 62 months ago

aliexpress.com $16.99

avatar imagemelissa.r.f 47 months ago

This dress is too way beautiful for me...

avatar imagehilal611 57 months ago

Model Nicole Trunfio wears this dress from the Australian Designer Alex Perry during the David Jones catwalk show for the Summer Collection 2011. The dress / lingerie is already sold out… sorry…

avatar imageMikael 56 months ago

David Jones Spring/Summer 2010 Season Launch -(Nicole Trunfio)- Alex Perry-Designer.
im not sure where to buy it though because its a older collection....

avatar imageshi.li.142 61 months ago

Where can I buy this dress online?

avatar imageina.bqndova 66 months ago

Spring or Summer 2011 collection by Alex Perry for David Jones (:

avatar imageDerpiina 61 months ago

I'm not sure who the designer is sorry but this was on David Jones' store runways back in 2011, so I'm not sure how much luck you'd be able to have finding it as its so many seasons past now :(

avatar imagejacinda 68 months ago
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