katie_anya and 861 more want to know where to get this sweater
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katie_anya and 861 more want to know where to get this sweater

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51 months ago
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Thank you

loserstupird 51 months ago
Not mentioned
I find it on zazzle :)
53 months ago
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Thank you!

Ms.BMoore 53 months ago
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ellen.krebs. 53 months ago
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I know its from zara but I don't think they sell it anymore):

avatar imagevictoria8 57 months ago

This lovely sweater is from Zara but unfortunately due to them selling it as a store-only, unless you have access to a store near you, you won't find it x

avatar imageMaddyCat 50 months ago

zara :)

avatar imageindefinies 58 months ago

I have this one, from Zara but it is sold out ..

avatar imageEvoz 59 months ago

It's from Zara

avatar imagesexception 48 months ago

It's from Zara but not sure you could still find it :(

avatar imageelsa.wheretoget 51 months ago

It's sold at ZARA :)

avatar imageReknee36 56 months ago
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