Chottie: floral skirt
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Chottie: floral skirt

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Not A Drop Shoulder But The same Material ! ^-^
65 months ago
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wait it is a drop shoulder xD

thedoctorofmusic 65 months ago
If this isn't the exact sweater then it's pretty damm close! I hope you like :)
59 months ago
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Brandy Melville

avatar imagelockwood 58 months ago

Pretty sure it's brandy melville

avatar imagezruffz 59 months ago


avatar imageomqtati 61 months ago

Brandy melville

avatar imagexchristinenguyenx 53 months ago

exact skirt is from Brandy Melville but is sold out and i think discontinued, if you look hard enough you may be able to find it on poshmark or ebay

avatar imageemilyyeh 55 months ago

Forever 21 :-)

avatar imagenatashaclaridge 63 months ago

Hollister Abercrombie and stores like that

avatar imagepeircetheveil 60 months ago

skirts and sweaters like this at american eagle american apperal a

avatar imagepeircetheveil 60 months ago
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