isabellekemi and 520 more want to know where to get these shoes
shoes high heel girl lace up boots chunky heel hipster platform shoes swag black shoes black boots thick heel black leggings leggings watch shose heels high heels converse block heel i really want these shoes i wanna learn a name or something like that. black shoes heels top crop tops corset lace white forever 21 black shoe boots chunky lace up hills pretty winter outfits shirt white top white lace lace top corset top lace bodice bodice white bodice crop dress black booties platform lace up boots make-up
isabellekemi and 520 more want to know where to get these shoes

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These shoes I'm pretty sure are originally from misguided (my friend has them) I recommend you have a look there
55 months ago
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You can find them at Subdued

avatar imageGrunge.Tumblr.Girl 58 months ago

Pull and bear ;)

avatar imagepauliend 59 months ago


avatar imageNaturevalley 68 months ago


avatar imageSummerMusthaves 69 months ago

Hun these are actually all white air max 90, it's the tint on the filter that makes it look pink.

avatar imagersd 71 months ago

Mega Sale Shopmyindiechild.myshopify.com

avatar imageanonymous 60 months ago

jesus why is everyone's feet so small? damn all of yous

avatar imagekyurems 57 months ago

buy this page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1413751208889031&set=a.1413746478889504.1073741828.1413732135557605&type=1&theater

avatar imageNanysBoutique 75 months ago

They are "Vagabond" shoes. They're in Asos :)

avatar imageEwisdom 70 months ago

i got a very similar pair in the topshop sale for £20 theyre not online but if youre in the uk look in your nearest topshop as ive seen them in the sale in more than just one store

avatar imagefeather 73 months ago
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