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Spool 72
The original exact one is the Heiress Party Dress by Spool 72 :)
64 months ago
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ella1966campbell 64 months ago
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Thanks ;)

loulouw23 64 months ago
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I love this dress!! Thank you but they don't have it in stock at spool72

surferchick 64 months ago
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Wooow thank you sooo much!!

andrearomero 64 months ago
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Spool 72
It's the Heiress Party Dress by Spool 72!
63 months ago
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Out of stock

kanyamccormick 63 months ago
63 months ago
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Fondue dress ?

avatar imageroxanetaeymans 50 months ago

a kakiye razmeri yest?

avatar imageanonymous1622 58 months ago

You can find this at Spool 72!

avatar imagejaceymartin 61 months ago


avatar imageJJx 62 months ago

Love the dress! Where can I find it, at a reasonable price?

avatar imagethatswhatsup1414 63 months ago

Shop ?:0

avatar imagemerkelchen 64 months ago

its on spool72.com

avatar imagebrunettebb 64 months ago


avatar imageewelinaplonska 64 months ago

It's from Spool72

avatar imagebriannao1999 67 months ago

it was once sold at http://spool72.com/ i think its sold out though check out there website

avatar imageJaylaHunniBunzz 64 months ago

They have this dress at Spool72.com and look up party dress. They are out of stock though

avatar imagesurferchick 63 months ago
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