iris1994: Where can i find this beautifull dress? Thanks in advance :)
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iris1994: Where can i find this beautifull dress? Thanks in advance :)

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It's the Lipsy VIP Black And Cream Pleated Skirt Built Up Backless Prom Dress
57 months ago
Not mentioned
out of stock, sorry
61 months ago
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do they still sell it?

viclyn04 59 months ago
73 months ago
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It is from lipsy. i took a look on the official site of lipsy but they don't have it anymore but maybe you can find it somewhere else?

avatar imagexnaomi1998 46 months ago

lipsy clothing store

avatar imagesacazak 49 months ago

si quelqu’un sais ou je peut trouver cette robe rapidement merci !!!

avatar imagemarinella_57 60 months ago

do anyone know where to get this?

avatar imageine 61 months ago

http://www.lipsy.co.uk but this is out of stock :(
have this fantastic dress!!!!

avatar imageGiadaCavaliere 60 months ago

Chichi.com they have similar dresses

avatar imagechloe.louise 62 months ago

this was from lipsy, but I believe its not available anymore

avatar imageRarahart 64 months ago

I think you're just going to have to hope they restock, or send them an email asking if they're going to have more. They only sold it on lipsy :\

avatar imagexbridgettex 65 months ago

It's sold out everywhere :(
But costs around $90

avatar imageisatheninja 62 months ago
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