JessDLaing and 723 more want to know where to get this dress
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JessDLaing and 723 more want to know where to get this dress

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Can you trust eBay?

parisaxo 59 months ago
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Well I mean it says that 15 of them have been sold. I have bought a $200 item from eBay before and it was sent so that's why I trust them just a little but not 100%

pureweakness 59 months ago
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Okay thanks!

parisaxo 59 months ago
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I bought something from eBay for £120 and it never came but people had commented in the feedback box to say don't buy from here but I never read it so make sure you check the feedback.

TracyGiles1998 59 months ago
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66 months ago
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What does the body of this dress look like??

itzzmee 65 months ago
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gogeali1122 44 months ago
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Anna Campbell
doesn't say a specific price as they're custom made, all it says is $1700-$3400 (AUD)
65 months ago
Anna Campbell "Gossamer" Collection
This is one of Anna Campbell's designs from her "Gossamer" line. They cost between $2999-$5999 AUD. Go here to see pics of the rest of this dress plus others from this line:
61 months ago
Not mentioned
Well I found that this exact dress is only available to be custom made in Australia by Anna Campbell.. But if anyone finds one similar let me know!!!
48 months ago
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I'll see what I can do

cori2005 48 months ago
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Look for more dresses under $200 at www.celebredcarpetdresses.com

avatar imageCelebRedCarpetDresses 31 months ago

Sur aliexpress beaucoup moins chère !

avatar imagegaby06 39 months ago


avatar imageJB1Irina 51 months ago


avatar imagejessicahowes86 55 months ago

I ordered it off ebay, wasent the same but pretty damn close!

avatar imagesaskia.harris.7 55 months ago

Ebay. Type in vintage prom dress

avatar imagekaraboyle15 59 months ago


avatar imagechristiana1216 61 months ago

It'a a wedding dress from Gossamer collection 2013 by Anna Campbell.
But unfortunately, you can't buy it online:(

avatar imagesarah.shojo 61 months ago


avatar imageLauraJoseph 50 months ago

Could this dress be a good prom dress for a great gatsby themed prom?

avatar imageSilvageorgina97 53 months ago


287USD, higher price for better quality

avatar imagedreamybridal weddings 50 months ago
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