Rel and 171 more want to know where to get these jewels
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Rel and 171 more want to know where to get these jewels

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78 months ago
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We can make custom jewelry (even this) at our site. http://www.riofire.com. 40+ years of experience in silversmithing, goldsmithing, jewelry all together. :) You show us what you want, and we can get it done!
We do all sorts of custom jewelry!! Just message us on Etsy and we can get it done!!

avatar imageskyfallisbase 49 months ago

i had a love necklace exactly the same as bracelet from accessorize

avatar imagemia.mya.71 63 months ago

i especially looking for the love bracelet

avatar imageMichaelsSugarCone 63 months ago

and the love bracelet, sorry i couldnt find the bracelet with the heart in it. : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Forever-21-gold-love-bangle-bracelet-/271102366144?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item3f1ef5d1c0

avatar imageccheyenne__ 79 months ago

the Michael Kors watch: http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Mid-Size-Golden-Stainless-Steel-Ritz-Chronograph-Glitz-Watch-GOLDEN/prod18300005_cat20403_cat35701_/?index=13&cmCat=cat000000cat145cat35701cat20403&isEditorial=false

avatar imageccheyenne__ 79 months ago

the bowtie bracelet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-JEWELMINT-GOLD-BOW-TIE-BRACELET-PAVE-CRYSTAL-FREE-SHIPPING-SOLD-OUT-/321018491408?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item4abe317210

avatar imageccheyenne__ 79 months ago

I got this set from Forever 21 awhile ago. It was called the "Love Trio Bangle Set". Sorry, but I believe this item is no longer available.

avatar imagemels_ 59 months ago
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