Cynthiatn: Where do you get this whole outfit ? especially the tribal sweater ?
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Cynthiatn: Where do you get this whole outfit ? especially the tribal sweater ?

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Free People
The sweater was from Free People, but it's no longer available.
78 months ago
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Then why u post it I hate when people do that

DestinyBrianna 78 months ago
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Just trying to let people know that you won't be able to find the exact sweater, because it is no longer being sold. There is some people that want to know where the exacts come from, even if it is not available anymore.

Cute 78 months ago
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But that makes no sense because if people gonna be mad hype to see where it's at then it says no longer available like nigga no

DestinyBrianna 78 months ago
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lol well in another direction, there are some people here who only want the exactly exact of the exact clothing featured in a pic, and get upset if it is not the exactly exact of the exact. So at least by me posting where it is from, I'll save those people from aimlessly forever Googling for their dream sweater that is no longer available. And now they know the brand, so they can look for something similar on the site. Who knows? Free People may restock, or you can look on eBay or something.

I mean, I'm sorry to get some people's hopes up, but I'm just trying to help by providing more information on where it was from. No harm intended lol. :)

Cute 78 months ago
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Ok I'm not gonna argue we have different point of views and that's the end.

DestinyBrianna 78 months ago
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I apologize if I made you feel some type of way.

DestinyBrianna 78 months ago
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Thanks :) !

shonee.davis 78 months ago
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Not mentioned
Looking at the shape of the jumper - it appears to to be a size bigger full legth that has been cropped (there is a slight thick lining at the bottom, which make me think this has been hemmed) - try looking for
81 months ago
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Primark doing slightly different ones but are quiet cheap

avatar imageAoife 77 months ago

Lyst sell it!

avatar imageAoife 77 months ago

Tommy hilfigure also has super cute ones

avatar imageangela.klassen 77 months ago

the shoes are from last year collection from zara

avatar imageMK31010 78 months ago

How much

avatar imagejasminerubio6 82 months ago

you can find the jeans by freepeople I also want them but they are sold out

avatar imagesneakers_and_couture 90 months ago

Forever 21

avatar imagemailabrianna 71 months ago

you can get jeans almost the same at American Eagle :)

avatar imagehaiii_itssarah 77 months ago

its from free people

avatar imagemadison66 81 months ago

You can get the jeans in H&M! ((-:

avatar imageHBK 81 months ago
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