kwoodsie: yes i know its from Nike but i need to find a place to buy it pleeease
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kwoodsie: yes i know its from Nike but i need to find a place to buy it pleeease

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Thats look more cooler and girly
51 months ago
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avatar imageanonymous 41 months ago

hey everyone! I found two places/ways to get this. It's 57.99 on thehunt.com. Plus, the ideal price is 70 dollars, so you'll be saving money. $$$$$$$$$$$

avatar imagedezicharles 45 months ago


avatar imagerhannaburns 50 months ago

Alright it doesnt looks good. But it has Iphone case which looks Perfect

avatar imagequeen1212 51 months ago


avatar imageSchnuddelbacke 56 months ago


avatar imageunnnnik 57 months ago

it's tikhomirov t shit but u can find it on aliexpress too

avatar imageilikestrawberry 52 months ago

look for tikhomirov t-shirt

avatar imageilikestrawberry 57 months ago

Alexander Tikhomirov shirt - http://www.ilifestore.eu/ocart/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_60&product_id=58

avatar imagedirtdirtclinic 60 months ago

nice idea!

avatar imagegashionme 47 months ago

€ 19.99

avatar imageanonymous 50 months ago

This shirt is great!!

avatar imagenessloz22 59 months ago

Where can I get this shirt?

avatar imageBenjiSHS 66 months ago

Its by Tikhomirov Production. He makes i phone 4 cases and is based in russia.http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/alexander-tikhomirov

avatar imageHayXoXDiver 74 months ago

it's a tikhomirov t-shirt

avatar imageilikestrawberry 57 months ago

Omg where can you buy those legs

avatar imageTimzki 57 months ago

it's a tikhomirov t-shirt

avatar imageilikestrawberry 56 months ago

1800 Rubles

avatar imagebetsypie 59 months ago

its not from Nike. This pics on shirt made by russian guy, who firstly make a shots and after draw a pics frow his photos

avatar imageMariaGe 73 months ago
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