wallflower12 and 1344 more want to know where to get these shoes
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wallflower12 and 1344 more want to know where to get these shoes

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Or buy these. Nearly the same only the color is blue not purple like on the picture *PLEASE* :)
60 months ago
57 months ago
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Yes it does ! Thanks about to check it out !!! :)

Cfilmtalkk 57 months ago
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Foot Locker

anonymous 57 months ago
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Thanks :)

annabelle_zoe 57 months ago
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These are AIR MAX 2014 i create one in the NIKEiD shop. When you like create your own too! I create nearly the same like this on the pic :) Hope it helps :D *PLEASE* :)
60 months ago
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You can buy this at ladyfootlocker.com. :)

ammytheist 59 months ago
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Try dicks they have good discount dicks.com

anastasia.mastros 60 months ago
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I think these are cuter lol

anonymous 60 months ago
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you might be able to customize them a little on the nike website

sannabel 60 months ago
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gt selling ?

Jasminefoo 60 months ago
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I love those shoes

Magbub2001 60 months ago
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Oh my goodness >.< they so pretty lol

Drbenson66 58 months ago
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Cannot find it

avatar imagengaveau 55 months ago

It's on nike.com

avatar imageamorniayoung 55 months ago

http://store.nike.com/nl/en_gb/pd/air-max-2014-running-shoe/pid-805773/pgid-805774 Their not that cheap but okay

avatar imagesxruta 57 months ago

air max 2013

avatar imageyellowshrt 57 months ago

what the name of the shoe

avatar imagelovedesireexo 58 months ago


avatar imageadorable 59 months ago

They are put of a new range on Nike

avatar imageEmma19 59 months ago

right here

avatar imageSouthernTwang 46 months ago

Countryfashion *

avatar imagefloorkleijer 48 months ago

countryfashio. com

avatar imagefloorkleijer 48 months ago


avatar imagebackdraft3 57 months ago


avatar imageCarolynaaa 58 months ago

w h r can get this?

avatar imagelingyeegan 59 months ago

Check footlocker, journeys or their own stores :)x

avatar imageyasminae 59 months ago


avatar imagesaxon_boateng 46 months ago


avatar imageCrystaaaaaal 57 months ago
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