abigailrhodes: Pls i need it urgently!
sweater knitwear striped sweater scarf jeans stripes stripes stripes stripedsweater striped sweater denim pockets clothes clothes fall outfits winter outfits fall outfits october november shoes blouse hat colorful multicoloured sweater light pink blue cream knit pants i really want this whole outfit can you help me find it !!! back to school beige all please xx top cardigan hair accessory bernard lafond bernard lafond furs pink blue and white baggy top light washed jeans pink blue white striped pastel rose creme jumper pullover casual chill comfy whereto fashion style
abigailrhodes: Pls i need it urgently!

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It's a plain pink/beige/cream beret :)
49 months ago
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write out korean women knitted coat and you will find that same sweater
77 months ago
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OMG thx!

abigailrhodes 77 months ago
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Chally 60 months ago
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Is this a safe site???? to buy from???

abigailrhodes 78 months ago
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i am not exactly sure, based on reviews it's kind of a 50/50 chance you will recieve the package without a problem. sheinside.com is located in china so that could cause a large delay in your order

jessicaxo 78 months ago
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Ok thx but i'm not sure i'm gonna beable to take it though if it's not saFE...

abigailrhodes 78 months ago
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i would check out some reviews from other people just to see what they too have to say :)

jessicaxo 78 months ago
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I have this sweater from this website and i got it without problems;)

lucideni 61 months ago
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I have bought stuff from sheinside.com more than once and I actually did get them, and they are very fast comparing to some Chinese and Korean websites.

avatar imagezhila3 62 months ago


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