haneenalt and 715 more want to know where to get this sweater
black bag black jeans white sweater beige sweater statement necklace sweater bag fade top jewels blouse ombre sweater shirt ombre white blue off the shoulder blue ombré white top blue shirt style fashion off the shoulder sweater off the shoulder top pants jeans ombre soft romper boho white romper
haneenalt and 715 more want to know where to get this sweater

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63 months ago
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I have one exactly like this it's only $13 from eBay but I've had to replace it twice in the past 6 months

ashmill0 63 months ago
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I'll go searching for it ;)

Lonely 63 months ago
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http://m.ebay.com/itm/230956483866?nav=SEARCH&sbk=1 there it is! That's the cheapest buy-now one. :)

Lonely 63 months ago
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Are you sure it's the same one?

surfer_hipsteer 63 months ago
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It is NOT the same one, it's just a look a like. :)

Lonely 63 months ago
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~If you don't want to make it, this is similare
43 months ago
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I got this sweater at forever21 for 20$ and I love it

avatar imagemchugh_charlotte13 54 months ago

Purse- Alexander Wang Rocco

avatar imageH❄️PE 63 months ago

Got mine from Tjmaxx

avatar imagewhyiloveu2005 50 months ago

Where can I buy this sweater? The sites mentioned are not available or sold out! :(

avatar imagefloragallardo 53 months ago

garage.ca Try the " high waist retro jean " :)

avatar imageAmelie123 63 months ago

Bag Alexander Wang

avatar imageMelaniebooboo 58 months ago

Alexander Wang Rocco

avatar imagegabolivia 63 months ago
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