FxckingLovePain and 564 more want to know where to get this shirt
shirt skirt shoes jewels classy flowers flowers floral pink cute summer spring bag necklace white black high heels black high heels closed toe booties same pink rose chain pink skirt beautiful shoes cute skirt beige skirt old pink pastel pink skirt pastel pink beige low boots black shoes boots black boots black top crop top sweater black sweater blouse black blouse jewelry beige jewels flower necklace flower jewels fashion stylish black heels high heel booties nude skater skirt high waisted skirt floral necklace ruffled skirt pumps mini skirt tutu chiffon chiffon skirt black high heel boots top black shirt black top roses nude skirt black boots heels black t-shirt shorts romper black skirt midi skirt outfit tumblr outfit tumblr tumblr girl sleeveless shirt rose necklace statement necklace big necklace see through sleeveless little black boots black booties
FxckingLovePain and 564 more want to know where to get this shirt

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Thankyou :)

sararg 65 months ago
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w24186 60 months ago
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I have this exact same necklace and I go it at rue 21 etc in the spring of this year. I'm pretty sure they don't have any more..... But maybe you could find it somewhere else..... being thrifted? Sorry, that's not much help, but good luck finding it!
56 months ago
Libi & Lola
Bimble Necklace - FREE SHIPPING
47 months ago
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You can find a black skirt of this design

avatar imageelissabader 58 months ago

You can find these shoes at aldo

avatar imageelissabader 58 months ago

I know where u can get these heels they sell these at primark

avatar imagejanaaledaiba 53 months ago


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