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In Gold, Copper/Rose Gold (pictured), or Silver. Any length and width you choose!
52 months ago
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Four styles in good shape!
49 months ago
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We make custom dresses/outfits/swimwear for any occasion. Check us out! Follow us on IG @shopyourhabit

avatar imageShopHabit

Dollhouse dresses

avatar imagetaylor.d13

avatar imageanne2015

Julie Vino Bridal & Evening Dresses

avatar imagemisscaitybaby

avatar imageTashaa

Just a warning, if you do buy it at make sure to ask them for a real picture of the dress. A lot of sellers stuff never look exactly dead on. Some do but some don't on that website :] I only know Cuz I buy stuff from there all the time but always ask for a pic first of the product ;]

avatar imageMegaZDynasty

Don't know where and how much this dress cost but this is going to to my prom dress

avatar imageRihannonluvstarxx

The designer of this dress is named Julie Veno, a dressmaker from Jerusalem, Israel I think this particular one was in the $5,000 range she has few and far between "open trunk" events typically on the west cost

avatar imageillyannahM74

The designer is called cohen i dont but check his name and collecation for 2014 i belive.

avatar imagehmset_baghdad

yes, this dress

avatar imageLilySoz

avatar imageLilySoz

this dress $125

avatar imageLilySoz

pay a minite to see this work

avatar imagedreamybridal weddings

On ebay

avatar imageCassandraMTR

avatar imagefashionbridal

I can not see the drees in the middle... Help me???

avatar imageamarnouf


avatar imageonlyudress

Designer Julie Vino

avatar imageal.wilkes

You can get this dress off kissbridal dhgate x

avatar imageanïqah

You can find this dress on kissbridal-dhgate

avatar imageanïqah

avatar imagewittfilosof.k

avatar imageBlue-Note

Julie Vino dress

avatar imageOuarda

SOMEBODY HELP ME?! Need to find this dress!!!!

avatar imagetrolph

avatar imageBlazianBarbi

The real dress is from and can't be bought through online purchase, only at authorized boutiques.

avatar imageKayBossa

I have to remember exactly but I know that this beautiful dress is on aliexpress

avatar imageaa_lexxus

It's from Berta's Bridal

avatar imageraesimone2379

avatar imageeffie.d Julie vino

avatar imagegina_regina

Den er fra eBay ..sender dig hjemme side

avatar imageruru

I believe this is a Julie Vino and that it's part of Her Winter Bridal Collection 2014

avatar imagemagen

This is so pretty!

avatar imageMeri

yes, this dress

avatar imageLilySoz

avatar imageLilySoz

on aliexpress

avatar imageCassandraMTR 150$

avatar imagenexhmije

From Julie Vino

avatar imageisabelle.dibbert

From Julie Vino, but they've got no online store

avatar imageisabelle.dibbert

This is a Julie vino winter collection.

avatar imageangelicfun

Love this!!! Where to buy?

avatar imagemariajquin09

it's a Julie Vino dress

avatar imageOuarda

it's a Julie Vino dress

avatar imageOuarda

Where can I buy this dress> Im honestly inlove and would love to wear it to formal in 2 months

avatar imageTahlial

It's a Julie Vino
sold in Israel and California!

avatar imagekatrinathomson.xo

Julie Vino Bridal

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imageMeumeuVgr

it's a Julie Vino dress

avatar imageOuarda

It's on alliexpress . There's two different styles .

avatar imageQveenK


avatar imageveronica.montes.

it's a Julie Vino dress

avatar imagecandyboleyn

You can buy a belt like this on aliexpress and the dress also but I guess it's a fake version

avatar imageCatharina

Julie Vino Bridal wear. You can find and add her on face book. This dress is her profile picture.

avatar imagejesschionnaith

Julie vino

avatar imagev_arias29

It's a wedding dress made by Julie Vino. Her facebook

avatar imageFreshToDeath

The dress is $4,400 plus extra $400 for the belt!!!

avatar imagetaytay96

My ideal prom dress

avatar imageemilia.aguila

avatar imageangelicfun

Where can i buy this dress?

avatar imagefliss31

avatar imageG.I.Jo.

This is a Julie Vino wedding dress, I honestly am in love with the dress so I looked long and hard to find this dress for my prom! So I found the dress on this website and I ordered it for 186 dollars! I will warn you this is from the site but I do think they will make a near replica! Hope this helps!|2638738508

avatar imageAnja1

Where from ?

avatar imagecharlee.meineke.52

The dress is apart of the sherri hill wedding collection

avatar imagePartyGyrl

This Dress have

avatar imagegina_regina

You posted the same dress. I REALLY hope we can find out where someone could buy it!

avatar imagebeej2013

They are all Julie Vino dresses

avatar imagenkisu

Dress made by Julie Vino

avatar imagemollii_xoxo

on aliexpress! :-)

avatar imagesunshineinnorth

It's a wedding dress made by Julie Vino.

Her facebook

avatar imageFreshToDeath

this is by Julie Vino a wedding dress designer, not currently for sale as it is in the 2014 collection and that hasn't been launched yet.

You can see more of the collection here

avatar imagezandieandrews

dress is by Julie Zino

avatar imagezandieandrews

It is a Julie Vino, Bridal Collection Winter 2014 :)

avatar imageborninmay
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