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61 months ago
Kendall & Kylie (Pacsun)
the same, just different color :)
66 months ago
Wet Seal
Pretty sure it's the exact same one
67 months ago
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Oh my god thank you so much

heyitsclara 67 months ago
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Actually I think the above is a knock of ATG Women, an Australian label that is SICK!. It's my friend's label and their stuff is even cooler than the photo :-)

milkthegoat 67 months ago
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I can't find this on the ATG website. Is it a bra, swimwear or bustier?

beckeryy 67 months ago
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Not mentioned
It's from Tillys but its now out of stock!
69 months ago
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You can buy it online from the triangl online store.

avatar imageMariaChristou 54 months ago

It's from the a store called triangl it's an online store.

avatar imageMariaChristou 54 months ago

This is from H&M 2 years ago

avatar imagelstoner 54 months ago

it looks like it's from triangl :) just search up "triangl bikini" on google! ::) hope you find it! good luck! <3

avatar imagemariareinemo.ausland 55 months ago

Triangl sell similar ones in their underwear collection

avatar imageinafmmlondon 55 months ago

avatar imagePriinZeSSchen 56 months ago

triangl swimwear

avatar imagePriinZeSSchen 56 months ago

avatar imagecookieyumyum 59 months ago

sass bide

avatar imageuyennguyen 60 months ago


avatar imagekaya. 53 months ago

Triangl swimwear has this top I am sure

avatar imageLizW4 54 months ago


avatar imagebecause_cats 56 months ago


avatar imagejulia_gutlich 56 months ago


avatar imageclaraxo 57 months ago

I got this bra for 5 dollars at Burlington coat factory!

avatar imageayohkay12 67 months ago

I think is from the swimmer company triangl

avatar imageluladye 49 months ago

Is from

:) hope it helps follow

avatar imagesweetlikecinnamon 56 months ago

avatar imageaudreychanel63 61 months ago

it's a bra from H&M

avatar imageunderkillingmoon 69 months ago
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