reyma and 670 more want to know where to get this dress
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reyma and 670 more want to know where to get this dress

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22 months ago
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i just got the dress from them. it is really top quality . she can offer me process of making dress photos .to know each step about your dress .that is really good .
59 months ago
64 months ago
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larapereira98 63 months ago
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Sherri hill possibly

kirstygrant 62 months ago
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Follow me! :D

oEliin 60 months ago
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prom girl.com I've also seen it on eBay shipping from California, don't buy any dress for a cheap price coming from china because it's a scam and won't be the exact dress trust me I learned the hard way ( alliexpress.com and dhgate.com )

kalynnnchandler 60 months ago
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The beading detail is amazing

Melaniebooboo 58 months ago
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gabbi_gabehart 54 months ago
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Nothing was there

pretty_n_pink31 52 months ago
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It's the Jovani 88174 dress!
61 months ago
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I have this

avatar imageloiselizabeth 31 months ago

love it!! nice with a pearl chain or a very thin gold chain

avatar imagedanilove. 42 months ago


avatar imagegabbymayer 43 months ago


avatar imagegabbymayer 43 months ago

This dress is from Sherri hill(:

avatar imagebrianabananaaa 51 months ago

Sherri Hill

avatar imagebeccaroyer 55 months ago

The original is from jovani. The other are fake and imitated. Look at their Homepage for a store where you can buy it

avatar imagebossy94 59 months ago

jovani 2014

avatar imageOuarda 60 months ago

where can I get this dress ? any one know ?

avatar imagecocktails101 60 months ago

Pretty sure this dress is by Jovani

avatar imageshelby.may.3348 61 months ago

You can find this at wheretoget.it but not sure how much it is

avatar imagelenor 62 months ago

Sherri hill

avatar imageMegcherry 62 months ago


avatar imagekawzz4 50 months ago

too good to be true

avatar imagegabbi_gabehart 54 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 55 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 55 months ago


avatar imagebossy94 59 months ago

This definitely looks like a sherry hill dress.

avatar imagemaddyn_9730 61 months ago


avatar imageAtiana 62 months ago


avatar imagelianna_s 62 months ago

its jovani!

avatar imagenessa1001 62 months ago

its not sherri hill, its by Jovani! you can find it on their website

avatar imagemollymeinholz 61 months ago

www.facebook.com/houseofglamourslovakia they've got it + free shipping worldwide :)

Contact this store.

avatar imageevacangarova 62 months ago

Does anyone know if i can get it if I live in australia, Like online or something?

avatar imagelesley.pottinger 62 months ago

This dress is by Jovani

avatar imageoliviawillnow 61 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 64 months ago
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