harrys_doves: Where to get this whole outfit!!!!
harrys_doves: Where to get this whole outfit!!!!

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Charlotte Ruess
Charlotte Ruess shops have these shorts in denim and other colors and patterns.
59 months ago
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I don't know why there's an urban outfitters link but they'd definitely have them too, as well as American Eagle and even Marshall's stores

jayceeschwarz 59 months ago
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ellisemarie 59 months ago
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No problem!!!

jayceeschwarz 59 months ago
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*** charlotte russe.

cheerleader_diamond 54 months ago
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This was actually an old Urban Outfitters cardigan. It's no longer available. :(
47 months ago
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Aw I see. Thank you x

livvycallaghan 47 months ago
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Super similar!
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57 months ago
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thank youu

tallie.pietragallo 59 months ago
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kainelson 59 months ago
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Where could i get this cardigan?

avatar imagekkellaaayy 53 months ago


avatar imageChloe671 55 months ago

Brandy Melville

avatar imagemadison_lomker 56 months ago

Brandy melville

avatar imagelizwilliams1 58 months ago

Looks like that's a brandy melville tag in the shirt

avatar imagekpuga144 59 months ago

I'm pretty sure that shirt is from brandy melville

avatar imagejocelynlee7 59 months ago

Remember if you can't find the shorts anywhere you can always cut your old pair of jeans. Just make sure the jeans are actual denim and not jeggings.

avatar imageClairaMarie 56 months ago

Looks like a Brandy Melville tank

avatar imagekpuga144 59 months ago

The sweater is from Old Navy, but it's from a few years ago. Maybe like 2010.

avatar imagevoymeetsworld 59 months ago

Asos has tons of similar ones on sale :) plus there's free shipping worldwide

avatar imageandreeah 55 months ago

I have the exact caridgan. I bought it from old navy. :)

avatar imagenzeugirdor 57 months ago

This cardigan is from Old navy,and it sold out |:But,you can still look on ebay for second hand :3
http://wheretoget.it/link/628299/open(Sold out)

avatar imagethisisnotafantasy 48 months ago

ive seen a cardigan like this in urban outfitters

avatar imageFranziii 48 months ago
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