Mehriban: T-shirt
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Mehriban: T-shirt

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i think they should be 50$ no higher than that.
57 months ago
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Thank you :)

vgronas 57 months ago
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no problem :)

kyrsten.kirkpatrick 57 months ago
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Women please? ???

stelag97 50 months ago
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Nike Air Force 1
They are called ' Nike Air Force ' you can find them in every sneaker store.. Well I quess, here in Holland you can find them everywhere. (: The shoes are by the way unisex, for men and women both. ^-^)
57 months ago
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Thank you ?

iiamtraww 63 months ago
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Rebel sports or the nike store

avatar imagetaylor.d13 48 months ago

where can you get these shoes

avatar image4001428sarahstevens 49 months ago


avatar imageissy33 52 months ago


avatar imagetrxllest__ 56 months ago

they're the high top version not low, you can get them off eBay for about $120 but if you fit into kids size you can probably find them for $70

avatar image16789152 56 months ago


avatar imagebatcat 56 months ago


avatar imagecelia. 57 months ago


avatar imagexeniaszenia 59 months ago

Foot locker.com or Nike.com :)
Nike force 1 Mid 1

avatar imageAman-Dream 61 months ago

High top Nike air force 1

avatar imageAleah_Nicole 52 months ago

You can find these white on white Nike Air Force 1 mids at just about any sneaker retailer or online at nike.com (where you can customize them), eastbay.com, finishline.com, or any other number of stores. They should cost $80-100 depending on your size and where you buy. You might want to find a promo code or coupon before purchasing--you might get free shipping or 10-20% off your order.

avatar imagekevinkylie 59 months ago

Nike.com duh

avatar imageTypicalbitch 62 months ago


avatar imageBabeyyShali_ 52 months ago

the jumper and the shoes are on nike.com

avatar imageshaniia.B 61 months ago
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