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All Saints
It's this dress; sold out
67 months ago
Not mentioned
Its from all saints, i dont think they sell it in store anymore. But you can buy it on ebay :)
64 months ago
All Saints
All Saints Poison Mini Silk Dress (unfortunately sold out)
59 months ago
Not mentioned
All Saints Poison Mini Silk Dress. Previously sold on ASOS. I found the black one on ebay, but the nude one is impossible to find. Not too big of a shocker considering that the dress is stunning.
57 months ago
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You can customize it from Runway Fashion dot in

avatar imagerunwayfashion

you can find whatever dress in my shop, all from factory, good quality and cheap price

avatar imageanne2015

This is actually allsaints old stock guys

avatar imagekirrin

It's the "Poison Silk Dress" by All Saints. It's a few years old and no longer available :(

avatar imagen_oeliia

Where can i buy this dress thanks

avatar imagedonna.lundquist2

This dress is from asos!

avatar imageamal

It's the "Poison Silk Dress" by All Saints. It's a few years old and no longer available.

avatar imageTheBlueGirl

does anyone know where to get thos

avatar imageyazminssworld

Where can I buy plis?

avatar imagejessicabustamante84

avatar imageblogheyxxblog

Hello,Can you suscribe on my profil please :)

avatar imageGlams

from but its old :)

avatar imagemyyrylainen

all saints old season dress

avatar imagedani3656

its from all saints

avatar imagelauren.mccullough.904

It's the all saints silk poison dress, but it's out of season :(

avatar imageCatharina

The dress itself is called the Poison mini silk dress by Allsaints. But It's sold out pretty much everywhere.

avatar imagetuute

it's from gina tricot's winter 2011 collection..

avatar imagejennyalf

All saints

avatar imageJaneM

i found it at asos its called all saints poison silk dress but i can only find in black and its sold out

avatar imageVANS

i believeee i saw this dress on asos, check it outt!

avatar imagedanicano

All saints bewilder poison dress

avatar imagevincenzacareri

All saints bewilder poison dress

avatar imagevincenzacareri

It's the "Poison Silk Dress" by All Saints. It's a few years old and no longer available :(

avatar imagen_oeliia

This dress is from All Saints, it's sold out now though. You could probably find one on eBay but it will be REALLY expensive. If you google All Saints Poison Mini Silk Dress, you'll get to see the front too :)

avatar imageChellington

It's from asos or shopbop Try searching with key words

avatar imagebbovkk21

It is from
Gina tricot but it was a limited edition so they unfortunately dont make it anymore. ( )


This is an all saints dress, it's sold out on their website but maybe you can find it on ebay?

avatar imageCatharina

This is the ALL SAINTS POISON SILK MINI DRESS. You might be able to find it on ebay...


its called the all saints party dress you can only find the black one now or different style dress on the allsaints website or asos

avatar imageFiionaa

Similar- about $400

avatar imagepistonsgrl25

The brand and dress is called "All saints Silk mini dress" and can be found on eBay. (Passing on the info from another person)

avatar imagepilschastine

The dress is from Allsaints!

avatar imagetessaren

It's from a Swedish brand Called ginatricot. The dress was a part of a limited edition collection from two seasons ago so you probably can't get hold of it, sorry:(

avatar imagetheasofia

it is called 'all saints poison dress' i dont think it is availble anymore unfortunately

avatar imageFiionaa
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