selinenicole: where can you buy this top ?
top t-shirt shirt lace shirt white sheer blouse floral ebonylace-streetfashion ebonylace.storenvy blouse crochet white aztec shorts white lace top nude cami High waisted shorts light wash shorts denim brown belt shoulder bag tanned girl long hair withe bag chic muse dress see through be nice or go away sunny perfect lace cute sweater lace white shirt denim shorts belt high waisted bikini High waisted shorts outfit summer outfits style clothes pattern sweet fringed shorts light blue jeans shorts lace top white top country style girly crop tops white t-shirt lace white summer top tank top long sleeves beautiful
selinenicole: where can you buy this top ?

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Dont waste your money its only £5 on Ebay!! i have itt :)
58 months ago
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Identical, and also comes in a few other options for colours! Hope this helped!
44 months ago
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great!! thank you!

kelseydmicko 44 months ago
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avatar imageAlena Edwin 30 months ago

nice dress

avatar imageAlena Edwin 31 months ago


avatar imagemichee222 41 months ago


avatar imageTumblrStylergirl 46 months ago


avatar imageMarlise.LZ 47 months ago


ive seen this there !

avatar imagetamara.asaad 48 months ago

h&m 25?

avatar imageanonymous 49 months ago

bershka i have this one !

avatar imagemaxin_abc 50 months ago


avatar imagegemfire256 53 months ago


avatar imagehannamicina 54 months ago

that picture and shirt are from lookbookstore.com
i've the same shirt from lookbookstore.com
Press on the thanks button if this helped you xox

avatar imageMarwaC.Lainaya 54 months ago

Urban outfitters

avatar imageJregalia 54 months ago


avatar imagegohgohgadget 54 months ago

The shirt is from lookbookstore

avatar imageJosi_c_ 54 months ago

thanks for all the suggestions y'all. have any of you ordered from these sites? im a little weary of ordering on line

avatar imagemcoppinger 55 months ago

You can find the blouse on fanewant i think.

avatar imageStylishh 56 months ago

I searched on eBay and found one at £6 well just under that it's very similar though x

avatar imagelauren.carr.7169 56 months ago

You Can get it on www.sheinside.com

avatar imagefarinaminay 56 months ago

eBay has them for the cheapest

avatar imagehellojenesis 56 months ago


avatar imageMariselle 56 months ago


avatar imagenoriupasipuosti 57 months ago

Sorry idk how to fix the picture. It's exactly like that one

avatar imagejessie.miller.33 57 months ago

where Can I get this, I live in Alicante Spain

avatar imageamina.lewis.54 58 months ago

Shirt can be bought at

avatar imagerocroyal343 58 months ago

Just search lace Top on eBay

I have the same Top and i love it

avatar imageperlenzucker 58 months ago

you can also find it at look book store I've seen shorts like this on their site

avatar imageandreavasquez94 58 months ago

A'Gaci has this shirt!

avatar imagetaydallas 58 months ago

esta en la apicacion Wish

avatar imageeva.pinacantos 58 months ago

Nice Blouse

avatar imagecleopatra556 42 months ago

search tops in womens clothing on ebay to get this for $10 or less from japan

avatar imageivorys-inbox 50 months ago


avatar imagestyledbysam 52 months ago


avatar imageLizethe 53 months ago

I got this shirt from a dress barn

avatar imageJennag333 53 months ago

U can buy it for 10$ at aliexpress.com

avatar imagehannamicina 54 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 54 months ago

In ebay put lace tshirt in the search and You Will find it

avatar imagebruna.vale.967 56 months ago


avatar imagepaula_ 57 months ago

Also at lookbookstore.com

avatar imagejudybroersma 57 months ago

This is from lookbookstore.co or atleast something extremely similar! Hope I helped (:

avatar imageholly.b.11 57 months ago

Thrift shop

avatar imageserenade 58 months ago

it's from www.lookbookstore.com xx

avatar imagegoldencalifornia 59 months ago

http://www.lookbookstore.co/collections/tops/products/crochet-lace-top-black. I've only found the black one but there was also one in white

avatar imagesarah.meier.3975012 46 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 54 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 54 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 54 months ago


avatar imageLovelyJYA 55 months ago

I got the exact same from vintagehordes.net

avatar imagebethany_kat 55 months ago

You can also find it on EBay, just have to search it, try sth. like "lace top" and so on, it's from china. I bought mine for sth like $10, good luck :)

avatar imageSonjaJessicaEl 56 months ago

It's not online but H&M have a top and it's practically the same! Just long sleeves :)

avatar imagekarolina.pawlak1 56 months ago

Target and Urban Outfitters have this! I have the Target one it is cheaper and looks just as cute!! Sorry , but I could not find the links.

avatar imagenicolemelo 58 months ago

At www.lookbookstore.com I think it's 26$ :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 58 months ago

DIY short

avatar imageserenade 58 months ago

eBay range about 8 to 10$

avatar imagepaigesmith1125 58 months ago

Abercrombie & Fitch / it calls Maria

avatar imageanzhelika.zandt.7 59 months ago
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