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  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jumpsuit
  • leggings
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • romper
  • shirt
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Can I get this anywhere in stores ??

avatar imagecupqake

Thanks but can you find it in pounds I'm British

avatar imagelouy123

There's a size chart (click on size guides. It's next to the size buttons) for this exact dress on this website. But use the tip I posted, because there it's cheaper. Hope this helps! :)

avatar imagefindmyshitlol

avatar imagesophieheinemann0703

avatar imagesophieheinemann0703

I have both dresses/shirts. If anyone is interested let me know.

avatar imagecharis.b.freeman

avatar imagekizzieZ

avatar imagemika.o.p.espinal

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

avatar imagekrisy_2001

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

they have it on

avatar imageEmmiexxx

avatar imageDamariscollette

Can get you here, without belt

avatar imageLauraSNSD


avatar imageannette.schnider


avatar imagerehanerolland

Now you can choose :)

avatar imageanonymous

I don't really know but i can find another page :)

avatar imageanonymous

11.11.2014 Aliexpress Shopping Festival ===>

avatar imageiFound

Is it free or I have to buy it

avatar imageclerie

avatar imageFaayeP

thank you all so much!

avatar imageneli.p913

$ 25.99

avatar imagesvet.alsya


avatar imageLord~Bieber


avatar image0hbeau $30 !

avatar imageangelafaith

They have it on Etsy

avatar imageantoinettevearrier

avatar imageCh3rryBl0ssom


avatar imagerehanerolland

DONT get this dress. I have it and it is terrible quality

avatar imagecarebear88

I know where to get this

avatar imagesydneymckever

This dress is from Diamond Boutique, they have a Facebook page but I can't get on to Facebook to find it for you Sorry x

avatar imagenixistar

I love this dress

avatar imagecherie


avatar imagelibra101702

avatar imageClass

Does anyone know where I could get something like this ?

avatar imageskiergirl

You can find it (in black or white version) @ ;)

avatar imageZara.Dn

I would wear with a thin black see through small jacket on top with black leggings:)

avatar imagecarlasuazo

dresses-up. com has it: )

avatar imagesamiabechara

Do you love it naww

avatar imagePrincessk2001

avatar imageines.isabel.express_yourself

Just Btw it is about $200 on etsy, comes in two colors, but i forget the store :/

avatar imageSweetCookies12

avatar imageGrapefruitz ... or check out wanelo and type in black bridesmaids dress 16 something like that (:

avatar imagejanaydepencer

You can find similar ones at :)

avatar imageRecessionista

That cool And really nice dress

avatar imageafelch962

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

Look try looking there they used to have it :)

avatar imagegengen26

So cute but do NOT buy from aliexpress, I bought it in black and the material is cheap and thin, very short also! Go a size up from your regular size if you do order :) sizes in Asia run very small

avatar imageMegatronLuva

you can get this dresses on an app called wish

avatar imagestephaniev.styles.3

Here are some links... :)

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imagelea.villard.23

avatar imageRebeca2121 you can get it now in black and white

avatar imagesydneymckever

Its similar

avatar imageQueen_Kay

avatar imageCarolineGbt

avatar imagelibra101702

avatar imagelibra101702

You can find this on ebay as well

avatar imagealternativechick

avatar imagejoyce.oppongababio

You can find it at AliExpress.Com for different prices :) xx

avatar imageTimzki

avatar imageZara.Dn


avatar imageneeltjestarkenburg

avatar imageMADZ29

teaspoon shorts

avatar imageimy1107

avatar imageGrapefruitz

Yes in Ali express

avatar imagemissylove <33

avatar imageKathzi

avatar imageFlawlessnes

They also have it in white

avatar imagebeautifulsunrise

avatar imagebeautifulsunrise

You can get this dress !!

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imageBaby_Tyra

This dress looks so cute I really want it

avatar imageclerie

avatar imagespelaspela

avatar imagejoyce.oppongababio

avatar imagefemkuhhhhxx

avatar imageMADZ29

30 euros here :

avatar imageLachieuz

You can buy it here for 38$? available in 2 colors:

avatar imageGunter

not shure were you will get the dress but I wont one like that and I got it for chichime on the website

avatar imageflop.hop $30

avatar imageangelafaith

Live the look but could go with out the spikes

avatar imagehines1110


avatar imagerehanerolland

avatar imagexonajsaaaa :)

avatar imageCinderelli
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