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That nail polish doesn't exist. It was Photoshopped.

But you can buy fake nails that give a similar effect. Etsy has some cute ones. :)
44 months ago
So this site is the brand and you just have to select what colour you want on the actual site, hope this helps :)
46 months ago
Not mentioned
This picture is photoshopped, you can see the photoshopped line that's showed on the pinky finger. The original picture has white color nails that's why.
39 months ago
43 months ago
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It's just photoshopped

avatar imagemubtc

It's a edit if you search the name of it then you see that its white color❤️

avatar imagedemi.kan

It's impossible to found it because it's a fake picture sorry :/

avatar imageChupinet

avatar imagelinda.nemer

This photo is photoshopped but you can go on YouTube and see nail videos on how to do similar styles

avatar imagelinda.nemer

This is a photoshopped image and is not a real polish :)

avatar imageladysonic

This is a photoshopped image and is not a real polish x

avatar imageladysonic

or type in Chanel blanc petal ( which is the name of the nail polish) on Google and some cheaper ones may pop up

avatar imagetianaqueenz

You can't. This is photoshopped. This is a Saran Wrap technique (totally easy as pie). :) PS- No color could paint like this from the bottle because the brush would blend it in.

avatar imageMissTashia


avatar imageLadyAnonymous

If this existed, it would be sold out anyway lol

avatar imageclassicmeimay

lol you can tell it's photoshopped

avatar imagewhuuuuuuutt

* blanc petale is the name of the nail polish

avatar imagetianaqueenz

it's Chanel nail polish. Go to Chanel website.

avatar imagetianaqueenz

I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped version of

avatar imageladysonic

Total photoshop.

avatar imageadriana.melissa.flores

This is photoshopped

avatar imageannaflamingo

Blanc Petale is plain white nailpolish, this is just a photoshoped pic. Sorry, girls :(

avatar imageFashionIsMyOnlyDrug

it's photoshopped

avatar imageabbie101

looks like photoshop...but the is a similar galaxy color, chanel taboo 583, could not found where to buy it :(

avatar imagekatze.katzingen

: tie dye nails on YouTube.

avatar imageLadyAnonymous

this picture is photoshoped but you can Make a color mix on youre nailes. im sorry for my Bad english x x

avatar imageLadyAnonymous

its photoshopped

avatar imagejosienm

This color doesn't exist- it was created on the computer.

avatar imageiwantitnow

This has just been photo shopped and doesn't exist sorry, the blanc petale colour by chanel is plain white x

avatar imagejacinda
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