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i think you can buy i´t there
31 months ago
Not mentioned
i think you can buy i´t there
31 months ago
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Wo kann man diese Schuhe kaufen???

avatar imagejenny86jenny

Wo kann man diese Schuhe kaufen???

avatar imagejenny86jenny

I have managed to get a pair in black can't find out where to get them though as I brought them off someone

avatar imagejellybean1982

Some girl on Instagram custome made these i heard. They don't sell them. I want the black ones of these. I'm trying to contact them to see if they can even make them.. They may or may not sell them anymore.

avatar imagescruffybitch

where can you get these from and how much are they?

avatar imageChar08

Boots with the furr

avatar imageemilymahady

ou trouver ses chaussures

avatar imagelulucelinedaniel

the new style is better

avatar imagesajdahyoung12

Where can I buy this Adidas Warm winter boots women brown

avatar imagebambamboom2

does anyone know where I can purchase definitely need for winter

avatar imagetahitiahickmen

where to purchase

avatar imagetahitiahickmen

I only saw it on facebook. They do different colors of it but they dont put where to get it. So annoying! I really want one

avatar imageChubibo

Is there a link within Canada to by these adidas boots .. very serious in wanting to buy! please anyone???

avatar imagekaren-dawn-brown

I Saw These In Purple .. Where Is The Damn Link To These Bots .. Lord

avatar imageMisB3hav3d

i bet you these boots are in buffalo Ny

avatar imageSauve@73

Where can i order these boots

avatar imageberrywifey83

Where do I find these

avatar imagegdhatgoon4lyfe

I have searched everywhere I need these boots asap

avatar imagevornesl

where do i get these

avatar imageperlabarron489

here's the link to the site they're on, A lot of people are saying they're Bootlegged, That they have contacted Adidas and they've been told they're not their merchandise. Sorry ):

http://oblecenie.bazar. sk/16273676-adidas-zimne-topanky-damske-hnede - Just remove the space thats in between the period and Sk

avatar imageNightShade_

Where to get theirs boot from

avatar imageladytee90

how do we order these

avatar imagekaseyhannestad

So cool.... Where can we purchase!

avatar imagejordyhalbert

where can I find these

avatar imagenaybelis

I want dem for my girl

avatar image21gramsent

any English sites with these shos

avatar imagebillie1

any English sites with these shos

avatar imagebillie1

The translation is that the shoes only cost like $25 the most with shipping and handling it will run you $30 just about.

avatar imagetracyjean2012

I went to the site and it's not in English


Adidas does not make these. These are knock offs but here is link if you want them

avatar imagelilmightymouth

Where else can I find these

avatar imagerooski333

How much?

avatar imagemermaidg1999

The boots are Bootlegs and cant be purchased in the US. Here's the link if you'd like to see for yourself. just remove the space in between the period and Sk http://oblecenie.bazar. sk/16273676-adidas-zimne-topanky-damske-hnede

avatar imageNightShade_

how much

avatar imagek3383

Please tell me the site for these boots..

avatar imagequeenandrea4837

adidas doe not make these available for purchase in the USA. I found the site where they sell them and it's in Slovak. It's called It looks like an Ebay but for them. I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's a safe site seeing as Wot doesn't have it rated. It has a question mark which is concerning if it's been online for long. Even if you tried to purchase them, you have to send the vender an email first. I sent the vender an email with a bunch of questions. Still waiting on an answer.

avatar imagelilmightymouth
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