RachaelKate and 325 more want to know where to get this t-shirt
RachaelKate and 325 more want to know where to get this t-shirt

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It's from Urban Outfitters.
(Don't mind the picture at the side - just click on the link.)
51 months ago
Truly Madly Deeply / Urban Outfitters
The daisies look a tad different, but this was the closest I could find. I hope it helps :)
60 months ago
Truly madly deeply
Originally from Urban Outfitters but not available there anymore - here's a link to a seller from ebay
41 months ago
truly mad
I have this shirt i bought it at one of the no name stores in the mall like fashion q or something like that for $12 but I couldn't find it online.I found it on Urban outfitters but it's overpriced.
52 months ago
avatar image

Yes, but i just saw that it's now only for $19

anonymous 48 months ago
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I gt a shirt like this from target

avatar imageXierra 53 months ago

its from urban outfitters and is called "Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee"

avatar imageemny 53 months ago

For those who live in Australia and don't have urban there is a store called ally http//ally.com it has I shirt like this and alot of daisy clothing :)

avatar imagezaaraab 53 months ago

Urban outfiters

avatar imagethelmabreton 54 months ago

Tillys has this shirt.

avatar imagethat~fierce~chic 54 months ago

Primark ;)

avatar imageMariskaDuenk 54 months ago


avatar imagebeasleros 54 months ago


avatar imagebeasleros 54 months ago

Yes, you find it at urban outfiters

avatar imagegood-vibes 59 months ago


avatar imageissymalzer 60 months ago

urban outfittera

avatar imageissymalzer 60 months ago

It is from Urban Outfitters

avatar imagestephanie.poncelet1 48 months ago

Urban Outfitters

avatar imagechessiesmall 48 months ago

Ally's fashion
Urban outfitters
Get high wasted

avatar imagelaurabeewee 53 months ago

It's from Urban Outfitters, but it's sold out atm.

avatar imageanonymous 56 months ago

I got mine from valley girl

avatar imagetobeornottobe123 57 months ago

Urban outfitters

avatar imageevieerosee 57 months ago

You can get the shirt originally at Brandy Melville but you can also get it from forever 21

avatar imagebohemian_cobain 59 months ago

Urban outfitters do a top just like this for £28

avatar imageLaurab_98 59 months ago

Brandy Melville has a similar one

avatar imagemartaldsantos 60 months ago

Urban Outfitters. Its called "Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee".

avatar imagelynnajynn 59 months ago

Hey this is my account for the competition

avatar imageaca_awkward 59 months ago

Ally fashion - $14.99 AU

avatar imagesarahmitchell98 60 months ago

urban outfitters- has a shirt like this

avatar imageelizabeth15 60 months ago
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