kwoodsie: plllleeeeease someone tell me what these pants are called..
pants sweatpants harem zip shoes tank top sweater pajamas black clothes sweats zip zipper sweats sweatpants chachimomma swag jewels grey vans chillin joggers joggers grey chill shorts shorts you want them sweet fabric hip hop baggy hip hop shirt harem pants Chachi Gonzales dance sportswear cute celebrity style harem sweatpants black sweatpants jumpsuit harlem pants chachi pants jeans tracksuit joggers lovely pepa blouse shashi chichi dance love zipped pants joggers zip
kwoodsie: plllleeeeease someone tell me what these pants are called..

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Plain black tank :) Cut it to be crop or wear rised up some
60 months ago
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For 50

juma.hassan30 60 months ago
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sisi_26 52 months ago
shop dixi
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49 months ago
actually this one specially is called "chachimomma". It's made by Chachi Gonzales, a Dancer. You can order them on the posted link :)
79 months ago
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can you get these type of pants
in stores?

Lalagirl333 70 months ago
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No, onlineshop only :(

saamshine 69 months ago
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in austria you can get them in a store but i don't know if they sell them in other countries ..and online too

Cacarina 64 months ago
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For men too?

edwin_gonzalez50 63 months ago
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avatar imageYbenlow 34 months ago

thats chachi momma pants. u can find them on chachimomma.com

avatar imageLadyAnonymous 48 months ago


avatar imageC.Wood 51 months ago

chachi gonzales ??

avatar imagetessa.devries.355 57 months ago

Or chachimomma.com there are 2 sites

avatar imageLadyAnonymous 57 months ago

try forever 21 or love culture , or storenvy , or agaci

avatar imagevelvetwild 63 months ago

They are vans, but I dont think they make that style anymore

avatar imageemilynewcomb 75 months ago

chachipants .Com All pants.

avatar imageLadyAnonymous 57 months ago

where did yo get those zipper sweatpants because i dance for a living and i really want those sweatpants

avatar imageDancer4Life 74 months ago


avatar imageomqtati 62 months ago

it is for dancers:-)

avatar imageisalenander 75 months ago

They're called "Harem" pants. They seem to be sweats and also seems to have knee pads inserted into them. So maybe they're for hip hop dancers..

avatar imageVintageSirens 79 months ago
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