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Zooooe 60 months ago
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Shoes are from chanel ;)

naominowa 65 months ago
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Dupyem 59 months ago
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avatar imageyvesa.mani.90 58 months ago


avatar imagelianna_s 62 months ago

I still haven't founf this. Anyone a concrete link?

avatar imageZokir 64 months ago

Jennyfer en pantalon elastique :)!

avatar imagechloe_Chloe 64 months ago

where do i get these! :))))))) LOVE

avatar imagejesslouie 65 months ago

Link doesn't work maybe this one

avatar imagenaominowa 65 months ago

shoes are from channel :D

avatar imageLOULIIi 60 months ago

Want these heels too!! Xx

avatar imagesxashx 62 months ago


avatar imagenaominowa 65 months ago

http://www.clothing-dropship. com/korean-style-rivets-embellished-slim-splicing-pants-g1450623.html

avatar imagepureweakness 49 months ago

jennifer France

avatar imageArabian-girl 49 months ago

Tom tailor for the jeans!! I got it!!!!

avatar imagesemjaa 63 months ago

I think these were from one of Cheap Monday's collections, but I'm not 100% sure. Also check Gerlan Jeans.

avatar imagegirlfriendofbath 78 months ago

These are the "Korean Style Rivets Embellished Slim Splicing Pants". I could only find them on one site. They were sold out...

avatar imageTheBlueGirl 76 months ago
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