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even more similar :)
63 months ago
58 months ago
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BBY-G-Swaggg 56 months ago
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Pretty sure this is it. And comes in different colors (:
60 months ago
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avatar imageSivalya 21 months ago

Forever 21 and Charlotte Rue

avatar imageanonymous 35 months ago

I want the crop top and the skirt

avatar imagelalandys123 47 months ago

It was Last Year in the h&m online-Shop .... It doesnt exist anymore

avatar imageloreeeeena 55 months ago

I am not sure, but this skirt might be from 'the new look' :)

avatar imageannii 57 months ago

That's cute

avatar imageafelch962 48 months ago

This in a skirt and a top. The skirt is from H&M.

avatar imageCocaDola 51 months ago


avatar imagealexuswhitmore0 53 months ago

But u could always find a gold belt for it, or add a different accessory, the outfit still looks good without the belt ... But thanks for the tip

avatar imageAmy316 54 months ago

Shoes are from forever21

avatar imagechrielle91 60 months ago

Mendocino had this skirt without the silver belt

avatar imageadri-lishchyna 62 months ago


avatar imageishanniii 63 months ago


avatar imagehellotashur 63 months ago

Not in stock*

avatar imageGemmawall 64 months ago

Similar at Tobi :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 59 months ago

Soo cute and worth it! Boutique Envy has it for cheap!

avatar imageBooshkie 60 months ago

you can buy it at H&M

avatar imageanonymous3829 62 months ago

Zara but that was a collection for last summer

avatar imageclem.terrasson 62 months ago

They have this stocked in forever21 at the moment in various colours aswell (:

avatar imageGemmawall 64 months ago

It's actually a skirt and a top. Icedesign.com have the skirt

avatar imageratbrownrunner14 62 months ago

Both are from H&M :)

avatar imageingridsaraolivia 65 months ago
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