dimoska.a and 2224 more want to know where to get these shoes
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dimoska.a and 2224 more want to know where to get these shoes

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love these

avatar imageAshlyn__p 25 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 42 months ago

I've searched for these everywhere as well but they aren't the vagabond dione boots! these look almost like timberlands, the lace part doesnt have the silver circles like the ones suggested:(

avatar imagefashiongal401 49 months ago

if you wanna save some money you can rip an old pair of jeans on journey own. on YouTube you can find lots of video tutorials on how to do that! it's fun and easy, check it out:)

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq 52 months ago

where did you get that shoes ?? they are so cute pliss

avatar imagepinkmarteta 53 months ago

Shoes can be found at aliexpress :)

avatar imageanonymous 55 months ago


avatar imagekaliforniaSAD 55 months ago


avatar imagearielyefet 56 months ago

The platform and the heel should have the same height, otherwise it's just a regular ankleboot.

avatar imageAdventureme 56 months ago

it's a diy so you can buy a jean (asos, AE,hollister etc...) and diy yourself it's very simple and you can find many tuto on Google

avatar imagedemon346 57 months ago


avatar imagechloe.osborne.58 58 months ago

Found them on eBay!! Woo!!

avatar imageskyskyyyy 60 months ago

Still can't find them! The Vagabond Dion Lace-Up Ankle Boot are close, but the heel seems shorter... These are taller and I need them!

avatar imaged1ed 60 months ago

Windsor smith may sell similar ones

avatar imageebonymilne 60 months ago

They are from H&M !

avatar imageSWEETGRUNGE 62 months ago

Longchamp hope I helped xx,

avatar imageingridsaraolivia 63 months ago

Try Vagabond for the shoes

avatar imageCharlotte_Louise 50 months ago

Maybe windsorsmith.com :)

avatar imagetanishaxx 55 months ago

Aliexpress sells these for less than $20

avatar imageanonymous 55 months ago

a h&m ils y a des chaussures similaires pour 35 euros il me semble ;)

avatar imageauxane.roche 55 months ago

It's vagabond dioon

avatar imageimperrine 57 months ago

New Look, heres the link - http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/boots/black-canvas-lace-up-block-heel-ankle-boots_304621101

avatar imagefashionwithgoodstyle 57 months ago


avatar imagebellaLorena 59 months ago

Windsor Smith or Lipstik xxx

avatar imageRS 59 months ago

jeffery campbells?

avatar imageuyennguyen 62 months ago

This jeans is selfmade
Can watch on youtube how to do that
(Ripped jeans)
I also have some diy ripped jeans I love it!:)

avatar imageTHROFFICIAL 62 months ago

I think it's vagabond dioon. But i'm not sure

avatar imagemelanie.franch 63 months ago

I think she ripped her jean herself

avatar imageHyst 63 months ago

longchamp :)

avatar imageeleno 60 months ago

vagabond dioon

avatar imageimperrine 57 months ago

Brand Vagabond

avatar images.aa-candy 62 months ago

the price I gave you above is incorrect, it is €90 which = $130.72, thankyou and sorry xx

avatar imagecourtney.madden1 55 months ago

tey vagabond

avatar imageimnoteenageicon 61 months ago

You Can buy these shoes in H&M :-)

avatar imageSabs8700 59 months ago

These are Jeffery Campbell's, you can try his website if you want authentic booties and not replicas...

avatar imagebeewill 60 months ago

these jeans are selfmade. the girl cut them by herself. go youtube -DIY riped jeans-

avatar imagebaidy 61 months ago
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