xamandaxoxo1 and 738 more want to know where to get this tank top
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xamandaxoxo1 and 738 more want to know where to get this tank top

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similar shorts here, to look at more just go to etsy.com and search "vintage high waist shorts" :)
63 months ago
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Where can i find this bow ?

•Myrto• 63 months ago
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you can find a bow like this one here:

kayleac1 63 months ago
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Forever21 :)

courtneytrenace 63 months ago
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skyee 62 months ago
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btw icing has a lot of cute bows ( icing.com if you don't know where icing is )

skyee 62 months ago
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Etsy seller Hanmattan "Turn High Waisted Shorts"

*not exact but same idea
61 months ago
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Looking for the top*, but thanks. :)

joanne.m7 61 months ago
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Yeah sorry I don't know where the top is. Hopefully someone will post a tip for the top. Did you accidentally click the "want" button for the shorts instead of the shirt?

r.crowley114 61 months ago
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Nope I posted this as a tank top.

joanne.m7 61 months ago
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Levi, Wrangler, etc.
Best pricing I've seen online for true vintage Levi's and Wranglers.
44 months ago
Not mentioned
It isn't exactlly the same. But there are lots of floral crop tops on forever 21 and they are cheap. Sorry for my expression, I am not english :)
55 months ago
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Was from lovejunkee.but is not available anymore. Check F21 for similar ones :)

avatar imagegouldrush 44 months ago

Urban outfitters

avatar imageliamsmykitten 60 months ago


avatar imageZahraSarwari 60 months ago

where can i get the top?

avatar imageRita.Rosa 59 months ago


avatar imageliamsmykitten 60 months ago

Brandy melville

avatar imageliamsmykitten 60 months ago
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