northbynorth and 257 more want to know where to get these jeans
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northbynorth and 257 more want to know where to get these jeans

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You can get these shoes at Schuh

lowrithomas 61 months ago
Saw someone selling these, you can get them for cheaper if you bid probably x
48 months ago
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avatar imagemarlyse.divers 42 months ago

Nike has similar shoes (maybe you would like to go for airforce NEW ARRIVALS #awesome)* or maybe H&M?! Good luck ?

avatar imageUnicornedonutx. 55 months ago

I think Nike has similar shoes (NEW AIRFORCE GOT THEM YESTERDAY)* or H&M maybe? ? Good luck

avatar imageUnicornedonutx. 55 months ago


avatar imagexchristinenguyenx 55 months ago


avatar imagelauracsocsan 61 months ago

They are supergas black platform sneakers

avatar imageariel_rab 64 months ago

if you wanna save some money you can rip an old pair of jeans on your own! on YouTube you can find a lot of video tutorials on how to do that, it's fun and easy :)

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq 53 months ago

You could just get regular black jeans and do it yourself. That's what I did with mine and love them, only spent $11.

avatar imagejamiebaby19 57 months ago


avatar imageEizeCht 57 months ago

My friend got those shoes from the primark

avatar imageMelisathepooh 57 months ago


avatar imagekimberley.- 58 months ago

New look xxx

avatar imagepauliend 53 months ago

Pull & bear / urban outfitters :)

avatar imagepauliend 53 months ago


avatar imagejävla 57 months ago

Does anyone know where I can buy the shoes?

avatar imagedionna 60 months ago

Pull and bear

avatar imagekosciuk.zuzka 60 months ago
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