Eve.v and 3363 more want to know where to get these shoes
Eve.v and 3363 more want to know where to get these shoes

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50 months ago
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Can anybody still find these ? Where can I get them ?

kayleeann.x 50 months ago
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Same I Really Want These But Can't Find Just White :(

sarahrichards19 49 months ago
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They're not white but a very light gray! www.harrietandhazel.com sells them

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We can create THIS LOOK! Customize your heels any way you like! Swarovski crystals, feathers, studs, pearls... The Possibilities are endless! sassycustomz.bigcartel.com or email us your design idea sassycustomz@gmail.com

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Where can I get these shoes from?x

sara.alexander.3975 50 months ago
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161131 1 month ago
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I love the airmax thea they are so cute plus the rhinestone! <3 LOVE LOVE lOVE

avatar imagecarrieooos 23 months ago

Nike's custom

avatar imageSafiaB. 27 months ago

got these plain then had to take them to a nail store to get gemmed

avatar imagekelechup2304 41 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 42 months ago


avatar imagedonnimilano 44 months ago

Combien co

avatar imagemiminono.nonomimi 44 months ago

they are Nike Thea shoes, however I do think they re customised x

avatar imagemonikaxvii 44 months ago

Nike Air Max Thea's with crystals. Check Etsy

avatar imagehmarie7 44 months ago


avatar imagevalevitas 45 months ago


avatar imagemaikelcoelho 45 months ago

What Cost?

avatar imageanhar 46 months ago

They're homemade with the jewels , you can buy them on eBay and then put it on the shoes yourself :)

avatar imageTaazLorentzen 46 months ago


avatar imageiheartmakeup101 47 months ago

nike thea diamamt site parfait

avatar imageLaMartiniquaise 48 months ago


avatar imageLaMartiniquaise 48 months ago

On peut les acheter ?

avatar imageaudrey2 48 months ago


avatar imagehouda.hd1 50 months ago

How do I but theses trainers

avatar imageelabella1306 51 months ago

I like the shoes . how can I buy this one ?

avatar imagesalfaleh 46 months ago

they are sold out sorry ://

avatar imagealma240998 47 months ago

Check out www.facebook.com/conversesparkleshoes they will do these xx

avatar imagelouise.saunders.73 48 months ago

try on nike.com

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq 50 months ago

Where can I get

avatar imagekeelz.martin 50 months ago

custom made at nike.com

avatar imageJuicyJazz4 51 months ago

these are custom made on nike id.com.. The diamonds don't come on it though. she most likely either put them on herself or got someone to put them on for her

avatar imagetianaqueenz 44 months ago


avatar imageAdaxo 46 months ago


avatar imagelynn07 44 months ago

i can also customize it… just the same….

avatar imagetam_kaviar 52 months ago

Guestion! When u get 'points' what is the purpose of them?

avatar imagebrittany.c.ofarrell 53 months ago

These are Air Max Thea but that colorway dont exist. Its fake.

avatar imagelanadel_djey 53 months ago

these are customs. you have to go to nike id.com and customize your shoes to be that print and all white. The diamonds doesn't come on there but you can just get someone maybe a semstress to add diamonds for you

avatar imagetianaqueenz 45 months ago

It is Nike Air Max Thea :-)

avatar imagelauraadam123 53 months ago
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