XXIV-MCMXCIX and 471 more want to know where to get these jeans
jeans vans crop tops high waisted jeans shirt pants jewels shoes curly hair gotta love them cali love ❤❤ crop tops ripped jeans white gold chain high waisted denim shorts blouse california california top light blue cute cali high waisted high waisted jeans top t-shirt summer crop tops outfit half shirt cute black cali crop top ripped jeans high waisted blue boyfriend jeans bleach tight light denim ripped ripped bleached High waisted shorts urban acid wash style pretty
XXIV-MCMXCIX and 471 more want to know where to get these jeans

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I think she should've wore some Jordan's to make it look right but cute

minelessb@yahoo.com 62 months ago
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here's a tank top with the same design and it's a crop top, sorry i couldn't find the cropped tee like in the picture
66 months ago
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Custom made. All sizes.
59 months ago
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Can u get these in australia?

avatar imagechloe.curle.9 59 months ago


avatar imageepeah1 59 months ago

They restocked these for $46

avatar imagerebecca_mabarva 59 months ago

I think Target has them, with some other colors also. :-)

avatar imageteenytiny1 60 months ago


avatar imagebadgirrlrere 62 months ago

Similar at Tobi :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 62 months ago

These are very similar http://www.ebay.com/itm/HIGH-WAIST-Light-Wash-Destroyed-Rip-Cut-Acid-Mineral-Denim-Jeans-Pants-/121209230743?pt=US_CSA_WC_Jeans&var=&hash=item1c38a21597

avatar imagenya.kimp 62 months ago


avatar imageGoddessSkyler 62 months ago

Pinkice has several different washes and destroyed patterns

avatar imageMarkieLove 63 months ago

Shoes are from Keds.com
- Good Luck!!

avatar imageAlabstra 65 months ago


avatar imagejami-lala 59 months ago

Check love culture

avatar imagesimplyxkvt 60 months ago

Similar at Tobi :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l 62 months ago

There called destroyed acid jeans. You can get the from places like ebay or nastygal

avatar imagekyeishag 63 months ago

I would try forever 21
Or love culture for the top!

avatar imagebuhrooke5 60 months ago

Fashionnova.com have some similar

avatar imageMadeleineHagen 62 months ago

Ebay ( Cali crop top )

avatar imageliyah2cute 63 months ago

For the shirt go on ebay & search Cali crop top

avatar imageliyah2cute 63 months ago

_ this cute picture i like your SWAGG
where did you get this outfit from :) ?

avatar imageKaylaaWaylaa53 64 months ago

Lovemelrose.com :-)

avatar imageNinx_- 65 months ago
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