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momcallsmebooby: or one like it!

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aliexpress has this one, but the quality can be bad if the price is really bad! I have actually searched for it myself ;)

elinvsjohansson 55 months ago
Unfortunately this is from last season. :( your best bet is looking around on ebay and other types of individual seller sites!
68 months ago
Couldn't find it on their site anymore
66 months ago
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Moonstone Pendant Crisp Flame - Gemstone Silver Jewelry

avatar imagenylacruz 10 months ago

Moonstone Pendant Centurion - Gemstone Silver Jewelry

avatar imagenylacruz 10 months ago


avatar imagetaylor.baugh 49 months ago

is there a legit site to buy this from? or are they all scams??

avatar imagerach_loves-beauty 52 months ago

Seafolly australia 2012

avatar imagevbanger 60 months ago


avatar imagemxthxlde 61 months ago


avatar imagesvengelchen 61 months ago

Seafolly - "La Luna" :)

avatar imagePrincess-Juls 63 months ago


Check under my tips and you'll find the actual link to it

avatar imageHalf_Moon_Kid 64 months ago

I'm pretty sure it's from Topshop. Try ebay?

avatar imagehurryupwe-redreaming 69 months ago

You can find it at both pages

avatar imageraph_f 72 months ago


avatar imageJasmineec99 58 months ago

These are seafolly, and really really old! I brought these years ago and I don't think you can buy them anymore!

avatar imagecarolineprattis 62 months ago


avatar imagekimberley.- 62 months ago

Seafolly "La Luna"

avatar imagePrincess-Juls 64 months ago

Seafolly "La Luna" :)

avatar imagePrincess-Juls 66 months ago

on the app wish under swimwear

avatar image19stappme 51 months ago

dolls kill might have it

avatar imagetrustrenea 58 months ago

Seafolly Australia

avatar imageLaraa 62 months ago

Seafolly.com has the exact one

avatar imageKateKate 63 months ago

It's from Victorias Secret, but I don't know If they still stock it anymore :)

avatar imageclaudiaroxburgh 55 months ago

Www.fb.com/lenabellesladies x

avatar imageHollyfxx 62 months ago


avatar imageshmori 62 months ago

Most likely you could find the jewels at Forever21 or Claire's

avatar imagelexticiaburchett 62 months ago


avatar imagedanielledavids_ 65 months ago

This exact one is sea folley

avatar imagekatiet1992 60 months ago

Seafolly.com <3

avatar imageKateKate 63 months ago

Victoria Secret

avatar imagejuliakar 64 months ago

This picture (and this exact swimsuit) comes from the seafolly brand (australia) it is not current so you may have to search for it second hand - or contact the company directly to find out if they still have this in stock (or in store at one of their stockists around the world) ? I hate when there is an item I want and they aren't producing it anymore :/
Good Luck!!

avatar imagefoodie30 59 months ago

to everyone... DON'T BY SOMETHING from "aliexpress" they just ship some shit

avatar imageseti 61 months ago

Victoria's Secret has really similar bikini lie this one

avatar imagesurferchick 62 months ago

How can I buy this bikini?

avatar imagejociele 73 months ago
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