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49 months ago
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Comes in multiple colors:)
49 months ago
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Sorry i tried but i couldnt find it i think its from acacia swimwear though

avatar imagenikkiismyname

Santorini Top in Diamond

avatar imagepureweakness

It's acacia swimwear but this style is out of season.

avatar imageimahoopster

It's acacia swimwear but this style is out of season

avatar imageimahoopster

From acacia :) other prints in this shape too

avatar imagekyra.jewell

avatar imagelotte_

Not the same pattern but it's the same top

avatar imageArce1025

moana bikini have this in other colours!

avatar imagetaylor.d13

Acacia swimwear

avatar imageOdetteOhLaLa

It's from acacia swimwear but it's 2013 collection

avatar imageOdetteOhLaLa

Acacia Swimwear, Santorini bikini top. they have this in different colors and prints, not sure about this one though

avatar imageemilyyeh

This is acacia swimwear

avatar imagemleets11

Like a pair on Mikoh

avatar imageerinjones

These remind me of mikoh bathers, not the exact ones but very similar and stunning bathers!

avatar imageemma.berton

Acacia Swimwear Santorini Top

avatar imageJujuB

Acacia swimwear

avatar imageOdetteOhLaLa

acacia swimwear Santorini top. this pattern is out, but check out their website. they have plenty of other patterns.

avatar imageJujuB

the santorini top by Acacia swimwear, not sure if this exact print is available or not

avatar imageemilyyeh

Looks like Frankies Bikini

avatar imageelsa.wheretoget

I don't find it, despite your help, could you put a specific link if you found it? :P

avatar imageLittleLou

2014 ACACIA Swimwear Santorini Top in Cape Cod - ACACIA Swimwear | ISHINE365. (I tried looking up but I couldn't find it)

avatar imageTay.Terminate

Acacia Swimwear Santorini Top. This pattern is out of season, but they have so many other pretty patterns.

avatar imageJujuB

The brand is "Acacia swimwear" thier website is -

avatar imageCait90

Frankie's bikinis!

avatar imagenikkiadaim94
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