romwestonem: tshirt, vest ,
t-shirt jacket dress jewels gold gold chain shorts shoes coat gold necklace necklace chain jewelry camouflage coat camouflage combat boots jeans shirt trill camouflage black camo jacket tank top crop tops top crop tops trill it camouflage gold chain black tank top army long sleeve jacket denim shorts black boots pink or black quote on it blouse graphic tee gold jewelry High waisted shorts print printed jacket pattern armyjacket army green jacket army print print green forever 21 possible black or whit but if there is any other colour i don't mind it boots everything cardigan muscle tee quote on it black and white ripped shorts green army print macklemore swag teenagers outfit
romwestonem: tshirt, vest ,

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Thankss ;)

cheerleader_diamond 60 months ago
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You can also thrift it. I got mine from Goodwill :)

avatar imagemichaelasharise 53 months ago


avatar imagetrxllest__ 57 months ago

Similaire in zara

avatar imageclotheslover_ 60 months ago


avatar imageclotheslover_ 60 months ago


avatar imageSafiaB. 60 months ago

Similaire http://www.newlook.com/eu/shop/womens/jackets-and-coats/parisian-green-camouflage-utility-jacket_267353939

avatar imageSafiaB. 60 months ago

H&M devided collection

avatar imagexthatgiirl 63 months ago


Its from H&M and sold out, i have this shirt. maybe on ebay you can find someone who is selling it

avatar imagesweetasmary 63 months ago

Where from?

avatar imageSshaylee 63 months ago

i got these boots 2012 during wetseals black Friday sale

avatar imagefashion_beyondimagination 64 months ago

Urban outfitters :)x

avatar imageyasminae 64 months ago

The jacket I think I might be able to get it at an army surplus I think that's what they call Them and get one

avatar imagebrittany.crazie 60 months ago

The shirt was sold at h&m over the fall season they may still have it.

avatar image†HIPSTER† 65 months ago

This shirt is from H&M ;D

avatar imageRaliyah 65 months ago

I saw something similar at forever 21 but they were smaller chains

avatar imagemelissa.madriqal 63 months ago
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