iliveforsummernights and 897 more want to know where to get these shoes
iliveforsummernights and 897 more want to know where to get these shoes

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Can you deliver it here in Philippines?

jesaiah 22 months ago
Not mentioned
similar, with strap slightly lower
56 months ago
59 months ago
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Fashion Vintage Womens Small Bowtie Platform Pumps Ladies Sexy High Heeled Shoes

avatar imagex_ellie_x 21 months ago

I found mine on Amazon

avatar imagekrissy9498 33 months ago

Do they do these in red?

avatar imageBarbiesTwin 47 months ago


avatar imagekameka77 49 months ago

I have them! Get the wish app they are on there £24

avatar imagegri33lybear 57 months ago

does it available in Singapore?

avatar imagemikoleeyp92 57 months ago

They're on eBay for pretty cheap :)

avatar imageStephyy11 59 months ago

To find these shoes and more, you can go to your search engine and search "cute heels" then click the little link below.

avatar imagesarahkakouras 41 months ago

Don't buy these shoes I did and they're really cheap and poorly mass produced, the strap with the bow was way to big and the lining had been glued inside the shoe with a glue gun and it was all bunched up inside totally unwearable!

avatar imagenarika 45 months ago

I found them in luulla .I also love

avatar imagekerly.cumbicusorellana 46 months ago


avatar imagevaleriamangano 57 months ago


avatar imagenadja.farahbakhsh 60 months ago

Trust me just click on the box and it will take u to the web page dont know why it isnt showing :/

avatar imagekirstyXo 48 months ago

Look at The Hunt app. I saw this exact same shoe so you might find something there. :)

avatar imagecjoyjoy 54 months ago

I think they're $16 on Dresslink.

avatar imagechubbie_love2 56 months ago


avatar imageLive4_Love 57 months ago

How high are these?

avatar imageItsJust_Tina 57 months ago
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