jojoloveshertamale and 1256 more want to know where to get this shirt
shirt jacket shorts shoes High waisted shorts high waisted high waisted short coat cute outfits cute summer outfit pocket t-shirt t-shirt denim shorts blouse black flowers yellow red t-shirt soft grunge vintage black shirt pockets t-shirt pizza pocket kiss black t-shirt High waisted shorts pizza black floral shirt crop tops pizza t-shirt tumblr tumblr girl floral floral tank top summer outfits flower pocket need hep i have to order them online please help me find some nice ones too please everyone fall outfits top pattern distressed denim shorts casual floral pocket t-shirt black top skirt everything but the shorts ripped jeans tank top cropped grunge girl girl sunflower grey white chic boho combat jacket swag pretty pockets ripped jeans ripped shorts bohemian pocket t-shirt ootd short sleeve long sleeves
jojoloveshertamale and 1256 more want to know where to get this shirt

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similar sold on etsy. xx
60 months ago
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IIMVClOTHING. real stitched red vintage rose floral print pocket t-shirt hipster indie swag dope hype black white men woman cute
36 months ago
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  • dress
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  • jeans
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You can DIY it just take a plain black tee and choose any pattern you desire and solve it!

avatar imageBlossomBlondie01 56 months ago

Cotton On

avatar imagejennifer.livesay.14 60 months ago


avatar imagemalinmeb 60 months ago

They have a jacket like this in dull green at Abercrombie & Fitch

avatar imagebreelang14 60 months ago

You can find shirts like that and other types like it at jc penny's!

avatar imageolivegr33ns 61 months ago

where can I get those shorts?

avatar imageemcfarrell 61 months ago


avatar imageFreshToDeath 62 months ago

Or forever 21

avatar imageyasminae 64 months ago

You could find it at urban outfitters

avatar imageyasminae 64 months ago

You could nicer at Levi's or make them yourself :)

avatar imageyasminae 64 months ago

Food lover !!

avatar imagealexuswhitmore0 56 months ago

I saw it at cotton on during the summer

avatar imageliamsmykitten 63 months ago

Cotton on

avatar imageliamsmykitten 63 months ago

Jcp! $12

avatar imageladiebulldog18 65 months ago

There is a similar one is green at Nordstrom

avatar imagebriggsy.hamren 64 months ago

we all thought it was pizza when its actually flowers oh

avatar imagedylaan 63 months ago
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